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i found an item
boots, card nr. 350
in course of my adventure. when i consumed the item I didn´t know where to put it. do I discard it to the past, banish, or return this card? on bottom of this card, there is no info where to put it.

thank you!
hmm... in my opinion it´s useless for the active player in your example. further, the bamboo armour is a character specific ability, one out of five. it´s generally not allowed, that you use specific abilities from other characters. f.e. the
frankenstein-card from dr. frankenstein where he summons his monster
is especially for
dr. frankenstein

i dont have the 100% accurate answer or what the developers have thought, but I think several arguments strengthen the interpretation, that the bamboo armour only protects dimitri.
I would say the same as menura - had the problem two days ago, and i think the developers only "forgot" to add the action/solution icons.
hi, maybe it helps if you concentrate of the wording seen on the card which causes the state.
sometimes it is said:"the active player gets injured", or "all involved characters get injured". I have to assume, that your problem with the armor occurs only when you take an action where 2 or more characters are involved.
so, I would go after the wording first, as mentioned, and if it is stated "all involved characters get injured", I would only avoid the state for the owner of the armour - dimitri.
to me it doesn´t make any sense, that alle characters are protected.
thank you!
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I´m thinking about two issues recently:

1) Forewarned and Forearmed Card: When I´m in the result step, may I use my Forewarned and Forearmed-ability after the cards from the action-deck have been revealed? So to speak as a kind of "backup"-card if my action card would fail.
Do I have to "activate" (and discard) this card in advance of revealing cards from the action deck?

2) Last game my companion recieved the
the swamp
it´s a state card with a red hand in the corner.
. do I treat it just like a further state in the sense of Tired, Bloody, Injured, etc. ?

Thanks a lot!