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That's why I was figuring if it happens at all it would happen *with* the print run of something else to keep costs down. That said I would still put cash in the barrel for a fix pack.
Throwing the half dozen or so cards in on a print order for Classic 7th Continent or on the print order for 7th Citadel and then selling them at BGG promo pack prices might maybe be something they do if enough folks ask. Maybe.
Dunno if anyone else had this luck, but every pack of Mayday premium sleeves had at least 51 sleeves in it. I ended up buying one less pack when wave two landed and still had a few left over.
Chromie wrote:
Can someone tell me a premium sleeve that is thick that will fit in the storage box for every single card?

I did my entire set in Mayday premiums and they fit well enough that I feel I can play with them.