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Wow - okay, that's pretty amazing, I don't think we will ever get that good at drawing.

I am not even sure what most of that stuff means. But I will hazard a guess.

So the p5 is page 5, and the arrow at the right of A4 indicates that going right there takes you to B4 on page 4, which seems odd as that would seem to be on the right side of the page (going up or down?).

The wood in A4 is the resource available in that space.

The cube and flag in space 6 with the arrow to A4, no idea.

The tile on space 4 and the flower on space 5 with the arrows to A3, no idea. The graveyard marker on space 3; I assume means that someone died on B3.

Thanks for posting.
So I have looked at the Cartographer's Notebook and it's obvious there is some plan behind the design, but it's not clear what the best way to use these are.

I am assuming you will be writing the locations numbers, and maybe the resources that are there; but I am not sure what the diamonds are supposed to be for.

Also the 1-6 boxes at the bottom, and the box to the left of that. I would maybe have through tracking players, but it's 1-4 players.

Any ideas?