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Firebird wrote:
KaceCarter wrote:
Are you sure you were suppose to banish the green 289 card? Usually you only discard the green card so it returns after you rest.

Usually, there is this symbol at the end of the hunting consequence on a green card : :green_into_gold:
This is a Bannish instruction (look at the red arrow on the symbol as a good mnemonic trick).

I think this is rule is very overlooked.
It appears to me that a lot of people forget to banish the green card, and so the hunting grounds are always fresh after a good night sleep...
Maybe this topic should be in the FAQs.
E ces magasins sont tout près de mon hotel!!!


Merci beacucoup, Senik!!!
Bonjour a tous!

Quelq'un peut m'indiquer un magasin pour acheter des jeux a Paris?
Je resterai lá 6 jours, fin octobre.

(Pardonnez moi pour mon français... :-) )

Merci beaucoup!
São Paulo, Brazil!!

Actually I'm from Belo Horizonte (literally, "Beautiful Horizon"... :action_go_see:).

And my game will arrive Friday!!!! (I sent it to my brother's place, in Italy. And he's coming for my wedding next week, so The Continent will be kind of my wedding gift... :D' )

Anxiously waiting...