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There are more cards for one of these spots with the expansion. But it is not a golden one but another green one.
All of the food-cards have the keyword "food". So putting them together in one food-item is ok, because they will add one pip each to your food-item. But putting them all into an item which has only one pip and not the keyword "food" would be a waste.
For example: Shoveling the food into your mouth, that's neither good for the shovel nor for your mouth. :'(
Yes, for eating the food you have to decrease the durability of the shovel-food-item.
Yesterday my husband and I had a little row over the interpretation of this card. Presumably because we are not native speakers.

This card has the following text:

Each involved character may discard any number of cards from their inventory and then must apply the following effect:

My husbands interpretation is:

Only if you choose to discard cards, then you have to apply the effects.

My interpretation is:

First you have the chance to discard cards and then you must apply the effects, no matter if you have thrown away cards or not..

What is the right interpretation?
Thanks for answering my question. But bad news that we have banished it too soon. :'(
I have found a card, that says: If you get freezing, banish this. In this moment I am freezing.
Must I banish this card immediately or can I hold it, until I get freezing again? I have played it with my first assumption, but I am not sure about it.