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Makes sense. The note isn't specific about the timing though. It says you have to read the consequences carefully because they're important.
Should we not be reading the possible outcome of an action before we're taking it? Thematically this would make the most sense. But since they're right there on the cards you can't always avoid it even if you try. And if you encounter a card for the second time you know them anyway. So how is it intended to be played?
Clipper wrote:
Assume we had a card that stated "In your inventory, this card counts as two cards towards the stacking limit." In a solo game, you could add this card to a stack with 3/4 item cards in it, as the stack is not full and you ignore the text on the card when combining items. The stack then is at 5/4 cards, so must be corrected and you could voluntarily deconstruct any card of your choosing. I don't think this is what Bruno expects, but it's the only way to apply the same logic as is used in the Woven Basket case.

I'd say the card couldn't be added because you're trying to circumvent the limit rule on a technicality. But you know before adding the card that its effect will make the stack exceed its limit as soon as the card is added.
Clipper wrote:
My argument is just that the wording of the rules does not match the ruling, even though the ruling was made with regard to that wording.

There is only one moment I can potentially see that you could consider the item card to be both attached and also exceeding the limit at the same time. That would be a theoretical time after you have attached the item card but before its effect is activated.

LOL Not sure why this is so hard for you to get. Your argument is wrong, plain and simple. The words of the rule don't mean what you think they're saying.

In your example there would be no "time after you have attached the item card" because if the limit was already full you were not allowed to add the basket in the first place.

In general: You don't check if the stack is exceeded after adding the item. You check if the stack is at its limit before adding a card and if it is, the new card can't be placed.
Clipper wrote:
there is no point in the process at which you are exceeding the limit.

Nope, sorry, but you're wrong on that. I see what you mean but that logic doesn't work. There is no ambiguity there: If the stack is already full you're not allowed to add another item. You can't add the basket because it would exceed the limit. And of course, because you can't add it you don't get the bonus.
Clipper wrote:
When is the stacking limit exceeded, though? It can't be exceeded before you add the item, and as soon as you test if adding the item would exceed the limit, you would be comparing to the new limit.

That's not what the rules are saying. Read again, the wording is 100% clear:

"When an Item card is found or crafted, the player may combine it with an existing item in their inventory in order to form one single item, without exceeding the allowed “stacking” limit..."
Ren3 wrote:
Idk, Paranoid makes sense to me. Because you were working as a group, maybe someone in the group is sabotaging you and trying to get you killed, and you have to go off for a while to get some peace of mind.

Sabotage is the first thing that comes to mind, really? At the point where this is the case you got a serious problem and it's not that THING you just failed to open. And how is some alone time supposed to help with that?

"Lovecraft is probably trying to get us all killed!! Alright, just give me a minute to shake it off... Okay, let's go hunt together. I totally trust Lovecraft again."

It just doesn't make much sense thematically.

A couple shorter starter curses would be great (2.5 - 5 hours) where you just discover smaller areas of the continent before you do the epic 20-hours Voracious Goddess curse
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Standees for the devourers expansion would be great!

Also, someone else brought up a good point about state cards:
Why would failing an action as a group make you paranoid? There's so many other emotions that would make more sense. The state cards should be something like "Frustrated",/ "Ashamed"/ "Disappointed"/ "Angry" ... So my suggestion is to add something along these lines.