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You don't add up the numbers. The Secrets of the Sanctuary card tells you which card to draw according to which animal has all' different specimens.
has to be the most frustrating item to find in the whole continent.
To find it
you have to fish on a gold card
find and choose the result card "glint"
Behind the gate lies the Swamp of Madness...
In general, when there is no move action on a card there should almost always be a permanent event attached which allows to go to another card/change area.
In particular,
on card 083 there should be the attached card 067 (I think) which you can use to go to card 087.
I am pretty sure that that is the way it should go.
If you pass the test, you swim so deep that risk drowning.
Have you tried on this very site under resources>music?
Have you taken the 398 card? Because if you do I think that your question will answer by itself.
You misunderstood the riddle.
The room description states that there are some monoliths in the room and wonders what their purpose is.

You need to count the numbers of blue and yellow monoliths in the room.
There are more blue monoliths, so frost is the victor.
I was thinking of tackling all the curses at once (with some house rules in order to not make it impossible) and I was thinking of a 5-skill build in order to do it.
I limited myself to one skill per character (so no Keelan scholar/notes combo or Frankenstein's Monster).
In general the most useful skills are the ones that you can keep in hand without discarding, but obviously you have a 5 skills hand limit, so I decided to have 2/3 "permanent" skills, 1 item and the rest discardable ones.
Below what I came up with:
1) Scholar: even without her other personal notes card, the bonuses for Think and Decipher make this a must-have.
2) Life in the wild: making fire will be even more important with the custom build, and the orienteering bonus will be useful in many cases.
3) Fighting Fury: I will need some combat bonus and the auto-successes will be especially useful for
the Bloody hunt
the swamp of madness

4) Bone Crowbar: of all the personal items this is hands down the most useful, specifically its open bonus for
the dark chest of the damned

5) Nomadism: I decided for this because it gives a bonus to Tame
which is used in many cases with a locked action, and there are almost no items that give bonuses for that
and the swim/sail which will come in handy in
the icy maze

That's it.
If I hadn't decided on the one skill per character limit, I would have probably left Nomadism and taken Keelan's notes skill or Ferdinand's "Water knows the way" which is excellent in the northernmost areas of the Continent.
Are the numbers in the exit arrows of the permanent event on card 533 correct (i.e. do they work as intended)?

This is because the trap is on the left arrow (which is the way you are coming from) and not on the right arrow (which is the way you are going). In this way even if you fail to spot the hidden number you can proceed to the other rooms of the sanctuary without springing the trap. Judging by the evilness :devil: of the traps in the sanctuary, I thought that the intention would be that the right arrow should have the trap and the left arrow should have 564 (i.e. the room to the left).

in the Forbidden Sanctuary expansion, I think that the fluff text on the back of card C1130 (one of the two green 558) incorrectly matches the one on green 557 (C1129) instead of the other green 558 (C1131).
This is because
Card 557 comes from the green card 514 (C1093), which matches the description on C1129. Instead card 558 comes from Exploration Card C1064 which matches the description on C1131 but not on C1130.