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After your third attempt to explain things, I reread the instructions keeping your A/B comments in the forefront of my mind (i.e. "how is Firebird thinking there are two phases on a card"). Oh my goodness! We didn't realize there was an upstream and downstream on a single card. We interpreted "downstream" as the next card. That would have made things *so* much easier. I think we went to the surface 3-4 times, resetting the board until we finished. Thanks for your help in clearing up that point of confusion!

Edit: We kept focusing on the line "move the barge figure and all explorer figures that are aboard to the next section of the canal (downstream from the present one)", but missed the intro paragraph line "each concerned terrain card is split into two canal sections by a white dividing arrow: the upstream section (before the dividing arrow) and the downstream section (after the arrow)"
Your first case is how it happens, except that 816 is a non-mandatory action. Hence we can’t take the part B as the barge has moved on. :shrug: We finished the curse anyway, but never took the 816 action.

We’ve added this to a list of cards, actions, and mini quests we’ve not taken during any of the curses and plan to go through them once when we’re done with all curses in the game. We’re on the last one, so “soon”.
We understand that and follow that normally. However, in “The veins in the earth“ and due to the
wave symbol
on the association terrain card, the instructions say to
move the barge to the next train card as soon as the “hand size” phase of an action is complete. So we discover the event card 816 by doing the look action on card 860. Since the look action is now complete, the barge moves on. Which means we can’t access the event on 816 anymore.
When running “The Veins of the Earth”, there is a mechanic in play to
automatically move the barge whenever a non-compulsory action is performed
. I’m not sure we’re playing this correctly as
it makes most actions on permanent cards impossible to play
. For example, you can expose
816 with the look action, but the barge moves on at the end of the look action. So you can never do the permanent event card action that is now attached
. Have we just not come across the right cards, or are we interpreting the rules incorrectly?