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Ah. I did some more digging, and it looks like it is on the store, but Google wasn't showing it to me because the new version apparently isn't compatible with my phone.
Appreciate the response, but it seems like the entire app is missing from the Google Play Store now.
Spoiler free version:
This is a VI exploration card that's a permanent event, and the failure consequence is just flavor text, but from context, I think it should say to discard the card.

Spoiler version:
The event is
, and the
action is
0+/1 to try to start a fire with materials found nearby
. If you fail, the flavor text says
"Unfortunately, the objects are far too damp to burn,"
and there are no mechanical consequences, but the flavor text does not describe a situation where it makes sense to be able to immediately try again because
the materials would still be damp. Waiting for them to dry is slow enough that it should require a save.