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tobyskov wrote:
In one room, you get a hint along the lines of
"Where the fish eats the moon, do not alter! Anything!". The first of the buttons has shadows that looks like a moon shape on it, with a large fish-like shadow to the left of it.

As you may have found out, the other button banishes that card, replacing it with its gold equivalent, which in turn replaces the first button with its gold equivalent.

I am so confused by this -
it says DO NOT ALTER, ANYTHING, but the solution is to alter it...is Nichols not to be trusted? But then his advice about not touching the cup IS good. This and killing the old man
were my least favorite parts of the curse that otherwise I enjoyed very much.
I stumbled into a silly exploit that let's you set your hand at will and infinitely use "Study the Notes" and "Knowledge is power"

If you are pretty familiar with the flying roots expansion there won't be any spoilers for you:

It boils down to four cards:
1) Vampolina botany card that allows you to "Think" for one fewer card and one success
2) Remember (with the "will" keyword)
3) Making Preparations (advanced skill card that allows you to search the deck/discard for any card you want)
4) Botanist in Training - When you apply the effect of a card with the keyword "Botany" you may choose one card with the keyword "will" from the discard pile and add it to your hand.

Basically, you find a Vampolina plant with Remember in your discard pile and Making Preparations in your hand. Then you use Making Preparation to find any card you need, and immediately take Remember back to your hand with Botanist in Training ability (for using the Vampolina plant). Then you Remember Making Preparations and do it again. With the ability to set your hand you can collect all the knowledge is power cards and play them repeatedly for infinite experience without having to draw (Again, the Vampolina botany card). Since you can build your hand anyway you want, you can also draw all the 050 cards using Study the Notes, a star success and Learn By Doing (I did this in a much more convoluted way with the character I was using).

It was fun...once :) Let me know if I made a mistake!