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IthilAlqua wrote:
Crab tells you to shuffle cards back into the action deck, then return this, so after taking the action once the crab is no longer part of the item.

Thank you, so i played wrong :( huhuhuuh

I would like to ask about the quantity when we combine item.
For example:
If we combine item with the same name (like: will, stamina, senerity...) the quantity will add together and maximum is 6.
If we combine item without same name the quantity not increase.

The problem is, today when i played game, i found a "Shovel" and a "Crab" - They has the same name is "STAMINA". When i combined them, the quantity increased from 3 to 4. -> I can use a "Crab" 4 times, that mean can put 24 cards from discard pile to the action deck?

Is that right?. Please help, thank you very much