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I feel sick and exhausted. Completely demoralized. 18 months...

Looking at what predatory middle-man re-sellers are charging is obscene. Price gouging bottom feeders.

Still no word from customer support.
Still hoping, against better judgement, that someone can make this right here.
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DanceSchool wrote:
Same thing happened to me, I've checked with my bank and everything is fine. When checking out I was texted a code through my bank that i entered to verify but it still says card declined.

Sorry to hear you were having the same issue. Were you eventually able to procure a copy?

Gacayon wrote:
I am sorry to hear this :-(

I wish they would have fixed the issues before things started selling out. I was on the website refreshing before stock even arrived. After an hour of issues, I ended up calling my bank (something about wrong shipping address). I finally made customer service stay on the line until I was finished.

What a bummer, and the fact that you waited and ready for it opening, and having the money... I feel for you, as I have had the same issues pop up while trying to order popular items.... sucks.

Thanks. Feeling quite deflated and frustrated. Were you able to eventually get what you wanted?

Other online forums reflect consistent testimony surrounding the same issues with the online shop.

Considering Serious Poulp's excellent commitment to their supporters and fans in the past with errors, it is my dearest hope this will gain the attention of someone who can process an order for a humble and desperate fan.
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Wow. How devastated I am right now.

More then a year waiting for this opportunity only to be dismissed by support and denied by substandard eCommerce. The core box I have saved and waited for is now out of stock.

So let down and really crushed.

I started trying as soon as the alert came through my email yesterday morning and have tried non-stop since.

Any help still appreciated.
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Continuing to juggle different cards, different browsers, and different machines-- still no change. Have reset IPs, have tried on different networks- nothing. Have re-re-re-re-contacted financial institutions-- same answer.

Significant effort to resolve a transaction. Hundreds of failed attempts, half dozen emails later, and now 2 days later- finally a reply:

"If your payment is refused you'll need to contact your credit card company."

I attempted to submit a ticket via https://support.seriouspoulp.com/en/support/tickets/new
However this site did not accept my log in and could not.

Fairly dismissive considering the support inquiries sent have indicated contact with the financial institutions confirmed they are not declining the transaction. According to their records no actual transaction has been sent their way to decline. The failure resides within either:

1. On the domain's registered server.
2 . "SecureCode", "Stripe", or one of the credit card verification services.
3. Prestashop- the ecommerce software.
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Unable to complete a shop transaction.

"Your card has been declined."
No further information provided.

Have messaged both directly and via the Contact page submission form.

Different credit cards, over a variety of browsers, on multiple computers/devices.

Have contacted each card's financial institution and verified no conflict on their end.
Have confirmed all pertinent address information- no change.
Have reset routers, devices, cleared caches, disabled extensions, etc-- to no avail.

I'm in the North East United States and am unaware of any ISP restrictions or local firewalls.

Prompt help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Please excuse if this should be in Bugs section.