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I agree that this feels like there's no way it was the intended outcome when it could be easily dealt with by use of a gold card. The choice made would have consequences. That's the bottom line.
Okay, while playing our first game and using the recommended Curse of Voracious Goddess, we ran into a confusing situations that, after discussion on BGG, seems real and repeatable, so I'm mentioning it here.

In the tunnel area you emerge after a fresh reset of all cards at an entry way that, to the right includes a fishhead with a cord.

If you pull the cord it has you banishes Green card 446 leaving the gold card 446. This basically trades a card with a closed grate for the gold version which now has an open grate.

When you reach the 446 grate card from below you then have three options in front of you to exit that card (other than just returning south). You can go West, Go North (following the slug slime) or go East. IF you go east you can then also go north and that will create this problem. The gold 446 card you started on pointed North to card 391. By going East and North you end up just East of the card above 446 and that card (426) tells you that the card to your West should be card 368. Oops. You now have one card SPACE being pointed to that claims to be both 368 and 391 depending on the path you take to it.

The thinking is that when you pull that cord TWO green cards need to be swapped for a gold version when this happens instead of just one.