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Hi Community,

I can‘t find the rule about :action_empty: actions without a skillcheck (:card_blue: cost/:icon_succes: success)
How do you resolve such an :action_empty: action?

I found such an action on a timed event card with a skillcheck build like this:
  1. :action_mandatory: Action (without skillcheck)
  2. OR :action_mandatory::card_blue::icon_succes: Action (with skillcheck)
  3. OR if paranoid :action_mandatory::card_blue::icon_succes: Action (with skillcheck)

Logically I think that you can only resolve the first of the three possible :action_empty: actions only bei using an apropriate :icon_d6: item,
am I correct?

Can someone confirm my idea or give me the rule regarding that type :action_empty: actions?

Update: Added icons.