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wow I will send you five american dollars if the creators of this game ever look at page two of this thread. we're on our own down here, there's nothing for it. would you prefer, alternatively, to send me your copy of 180 then I will send you an amended copy of my own design which will be air-fucking-tight, you'll know what to do with it when you see it, it's gonna be that clear. lots of love xoxo
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It is possible to increase the difficulty of a check through other means. The rules for co-operating on a check with multiple characters, for example, has a provision where you may reduce the cost in cards of any check by increasing the number of required successes, one for one. Also, many terrain cards have modifiers which increase check difficulty. I think I have seen the card you are talking about and I agree that it is slightly strange, but there are certainly means to fail that check.
You can reference the cards list on the downloads page to confirm.

If you have just the base box then you should have 10 exploration cards for Area I and none for Area X -- that area was added in The Icy Maze expansion. Most of the index numbers above 450 were reserved for the expansions, but don't fear -- there is still quite a lot to explore in the base box.
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Forewarned is forearmed must be discarded in order to gain a star during the results step of any action.

There are several effects like this one which contribute some number of symbols, that is what is meant by "the following effect." Your skill deck contains two copies of Forewarned is forearmed, two copies of Learn by doing, a Lucky star, and a Valiant hearts shall not fail -- all of these cards use this same phrasing to mean that they must be discarded to gain their bonuses.
To expand on one of Brisingre's points, one-trick pony is an accurate description. Anjika's identity as a hunt-specialist is already redundant to the wide variety of hunt/fight support available to other characters as a matter of necessity -- and in terms of utility, Anjika's options for stealth-for-aggressiveness swaps are unusually limited.

Stealth cards in the skill deck eligible for this discard are the following:
  • Camouflage outfit (hunt, sneak)
  • War paint (fight, hunt, sneak)
  • Fire-making kit (firestarter, no bonus)
  • Forewarned is forearmed (ALL)
  • On the hunt (no bonus)
  • Knowledge is power (EXP, no bonus)

These can be exchanged for:
  • Club (fight, lockpick)
  • Rudimentary flint (firestarter, no bonus)
  • Deadfall trap (hunt, rest)
  • Bolas (fight, hunt)
  • Net (fight, hunt)
  • Knowledge is power (EXP, no bonus)

Three things I mean to point out here:
Under the proposed change the choice to reserve a stealth card in hand gives Anjika access to bonuses toward (at most) two extra Action types, rest and lockpick. These are both more common than sneak checks on the stealth items from this list. Many sneak checks are surprise/mandatory and do not give an opportunity to craft in preparation, so this would indeed further depress the value of actually crafting/using stealth items.

It is only situationally useful to recur the cards which give no stars/discounts, and the fact that both lists contain a fire-starter and a knowledge is power weakens the value of those swaps.

Finally, I do not believe it would be worthwhile for Anjika to discard Forewarned is forearmed for any of these options.

In general, the exchange from stealth to aggressiveness cards gives very little extra utility. Bolas is the most powerful and frequently used card available, and indeed in my one game with Anjika so far her most potent contribution to the party was her bolas recall. I do not believe an errata need be issued in her case to protect against the War Paint durability loop.
Thrilling!! Congratulations and thank you for putting something like this together -- and thank you to BrunoS for taking the lead on supporting this sort of thing! The fan-kit would be a great boon.

I made an account to respond to this -- really looking forward to trying out your modules.