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EU shop is OPEN! :-D :-D <3
Firebird wrote:
Last update (#85) on KS :
I missed the Kickstarter campaign or I want to add more contents to my pledge. How can I do this?

Extra production copies from this campaign (Core box, Expansions and Accessories) will be put on the Serious Poulp webstore (coming in early July), once all deliveries have occurred.

We will send out a Newsletter when they become available: https://www.seriouspoulp.com/en/subscribe

Ha haaa :-) Refreshing forum 50 times a day :-) So hyped about this game.. :-)
Heloo, same here :-) as admin wrote, shop will be available after all deliveries, so I think earliest late April. But I am checking every day, trying /shop, /eshop and /store into address bar :-)