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This advance action might be missing a little bit in the ability.

”one involved player may choose 1 :icon_hand_blue: card in the Actuon Deck or the Discard Pilr and add it to your hand.
Discard this.

pretty sure it should say shuffle the action deck if ÿøû choose from there
Nothing will be available at retail later. Not even the base game.
Clipper a écrit :
Thank you Unisus, it's nice to see someone actually understood my argument is about the wording and not the ruling.

I'd actually like to see an argument that shows why my interpretation was actually invalid rather than just being told I was wrong. I know which interpretation is the correct one given the ruling, but that doesn't make the other interpretation invalid.

To me, the current wording is misleading, such that it actually implies something different to what Bruno has stated it implies. Yes, his input has resolved the ambiguity, but that doesn't make the ambiguity go away. The wording you propose above would be very clear and cannot be misconstrued.

Idk man, I thought I did a decent job. If ÿøû thought it was particularly antagonistic that was not my intention.
Clipper a écrit :
I have no problem with the ruling. It's the designer's intent and I'm fine following that.

My argument is just that the wording of the rules does not match the ruling, even though the ruling was made with regard to that wording.

There is only one moment I can potentially see that you could consider the item card to be both attached and also exceeding the limit at the same time. That would be a theoretical time after you have attached the item card but before its effect is activated. How long is this time? It appears to be immeasurable; thus infinitesimally small!

I wasn't considering this time to exist as it has essentially zero length. I don't believe that to be a poor assumption. If that time does not exist, then the rules allow the basket to be added.

Thus, the wording of the rules is ambiguous, which is my only point here.

Not to extend the discussion past a point of usefulness, but I think ÿøû would like to know the logic that makes this ruling unambiguous.

The check for "without exceeding stacking limit (sic)" happens before attaching the card. If this game had a more procedural method, like Netrunner, or Magic the Gathering, ÿøû might see the rules explained differently;

1. Once item is received/crafted, choose to keep it or give it to another person
2. Owner of item decides to create new stack or combine with existing stack.
2a. New stack? Kay ya done.
2b. Combine? Will the act of adding another item exceed the limit? No can do buddy. But if ÿøû aren't at the limit yet, throw another thing on this contraption!
3. Now the item is in the inventory! All the text on the card is in effect!

Ÿøû might say, "but adding this item won't exceed the limit, because of the effect". The rules state item cards don't take effect until they are in the inventory (step 3). And Bruno indicates the check does not take into account any future states the table may have. It only asks (in a solo game) are we at 4 cards yet on this stack?

I think this is the crux of the feeling of ambiguity is this:

ŸØÛ know that adding the item won't exceed the limit because of the effect, but the GAME (or rules, or whatever ÿøû want to call it) doesn't. The game is dumb. It can only see what is the state now. It has no concept of the future, it cannot extrapolate a sequence of events. This is why we are the apex predator. We can deduce and problem solve in ways these games can't. Ÿøû may get frustrated with the way games stumble over things you know as second nature. Ÿøû might even want to turn to violence against the game. But we are the games shepherds. We have to care for the game, and when we deem in necessary, direct the game in a better direction.

Clipper, what I'm saying is ÿøû should add the woven basket to stacks currently at limit. It's better for you, it makes more sense thematically...the only reason there are these restrictive item combining rules is so players wouldn't create an uber item and then keep combining items to keep it forever. This is what I believe is an unintended side effect, but it's easy to OVER rule a game (that is to create a 75 page exhaustive text on every single edge case) Regardless it's not really going to swing the game one way or another.
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tomtom a écrit :
Clipper a écrit :
there is no point in the process at which you are exceeding the limit.

Nope, sorry, but you're wrong on that. I see what you mean but that logic doesn't work. There is no ambiguity there: If the stack is already full you're not allowed to add another item. You can't add the basket because it would exceed the limit. And of course, because you can't add it you don't get the bonus.

To clarify TomTom's point, the cards's text doesn't take effect until it is placed as an item, or joined to an existing item. Ÿøû can't place it on an existing item that is maxed out because of the rules. The card does override the rules, but only after it has been crafted AND attached to an existing item, or placed as a new item. The check for item limit happens before the card is added to the item, and the effect does not take effect until after the item is added.

Regardless, if ÿøû think it's a bullshit ruling, ÿøû should totally do what ÿøû want. I totally understand it doesn't make sense thematically.
Dumon a écrit :
How does it look - is there a fix in the works for this??

My fix is to just not exploit this situation.
prolly not gonna have an official answer til the kickstarter, but if I had to make a guess it would be 6 months to a year.
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Dope tracks. Hope ÿøû do some for the next kickstarter too.

Edit for criticism: yeah I don't really have any. I make music myself, so this isn't coming from a place of ignorance. Honestly you nailed the happy medium of evoking enough feeling to get immersed in, but not distracting from playing the game. The loops are perfect...yeah all around ÿøû knocked it out of the park.
this guy asking the important questions!
mborda a écrit :
WISHLIST for 2nd CAMPAIGN (pledges / stretch goats / addons)

(confirmed by SP)

About that P&P...
it's in the game! Ÿøû could look at this card...
take a peek at card 48...I'll leave it up to ÿøû to figure out how to get there, or if you want a LITTLE Hint...
ÿøû can get to it from the first island

(I am joking...don't be that guy)
yeah I guess it is French which explains my inability to read it. Fun to know!
Does anyone know what the red writing says on the Clue card for the voracious goddess? I can't make it out...I can't tell if it's even English (I have the English version of the game...)
When?! I never saw them available anywhere!
@firebird, if there is a missing damaged piece, what is the best way to contact seriouspoulp? I used the webform on the site a few days ago, no reply. I know it's busy with fulfillment and gencon, just want to make sure someone reads it eventually!
Bay St Louis, MS, USA
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Besides including character specific idea cards in the action deck when starting or joining a game, is there any other rules associated with these cards?

For example; if ÿøû are the same character as the idea card, or a difference character, etc.

Edit: apparently I missed the part in the manual that restricts character specific ideas to the matching character.