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Ya, I didn't get my notebook either :-(
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It's weird. I never used credit card, only debit one. I do not understand why to borrow money if I have my own...

Where are you trying to pay?

Actually I use my CC almost exclusively and just pay it off every month. I learned this from other associates. I like the 5% back on almost all my purchases, as well as my Credit is now almost maxed from doing it.... Wish I could do it with my Mortgage :-)
Oh, answered my own question :pinch:

Products are available within the limits of available stocks. They will be dispatched by Snakes & Lattes (Canada) and Aetherworks (Australia) centers only to addresses to either Canada or Australia / New Zealand. Due to the large number of orders expected for the shop’s opening, orders may take up to 3 weeks to be shipped.
I am curious if it is possible to order items from the Canada store and have them shipped to the U.S.

Just a thought :unsure:
More copies just popped up.... 1 more try?
There is still hope, as they will be coming out with a "classic" version of the game in Q4.
Ya, after easily 2 hours (with a newborn in my arms lol, that was frustrated as well), I added everything (except sleeves) available. My wife and I was able to get our hands on an after market base game (which we destroyed after playing many many hours), and she fell in love with it, so we decided to buy what we could.

I was fortunate enough to get the order to go through.
I am sorry to hear this :-(

I wish they would have fixed the issues before things started selling out. I was on the website refreshing before stock even arrived. After an hour of issues, I ended up calling my bank (something about wrong shipping address). I finally made customer service stay on the line until I was finished.

What a bummer, and the fact that you waited and ready for it opening, and having the money... I feel for you, as I have had the same issues pop up while trying to order popular items.... sucks.
Well, I was able to secure everything too (except sleeves.... I never sleeve lol).

Very Happy!

Now already looking forward to the next game they are talking about w/ same mechanics.
Actually based on the time stamps of her posting that information, I can only presume that the copies will be limited, as that one is the newest response she wrote :-(

They have not indicated how many though, so I guess I will be on early July 1st (unless they give a different date or different info in general), to see if I can secure an "all in".
OOPs, my apologies, I posted the wrong one :w00t:

This is the one with the information everyone is looking for:


Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator about 20 hours ago
->Hy, is it possible that a friend of me that missed the campange can order a late pledge now?

He will be able to yes.

->Means this my pledge is open again and i must write to close it?

No, your PM will be open should you wish to make any changes. We will close them all at the end of this additional period.

->How do I make sure I will get my replacement cards?

You will get PLENTY of warning once we reach that point. There will be a very simple task to complete and that will ensure you get your cards. This is if you have already received your game however. If not, they will be automatically included 😊

->Will the Crystal's Song be in Wave 1.5? It seems a good way to learn the game so it would be nice to have it at the start.

I’m afraid this will come with the rest of the additional content in wave 2.

->When will we receive information about how to order the replacement cards? My order has the action card colour problem, and since end of April I am waiting for information.

Well as you quoted yourself, it will be in a future update 😉 Rest assured you guys will get PLENTY of warning s of what to do and when it must be done.

->So having thought that everyone would receive corrected cards I hadn't opened my copy of 7th Continent yet. Now I read that you have to request the replacement cards. So I opened the box and of course I'm one of the unlucky ones to have faulty cards. My question now is where do I request this?

As noted above, this will be detailed in a future update.

->The big question for me is whether I'll have enough sleeves to protect everything when the expansions come in 2019. So many of the sleeves ended up splitting from attempting insert oversized cards. How will SP deal with this?

Shoot them a mail when you receive the replacement cards.
Since everyone is gathering their information from all over (FAQ's have not been updated were set back during the campaign). Here is a copy of what they wrote from the Update Comments section. Because they are opening it up for quite some time (they are saying a month), I am presuming that they are not selling extra copies, but are just taking new orders during the reprint fiasco.:


Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator about 6 hours ago
->Can you be clear on the replacements - is it for *every* card in the original box?

It is EVERY Card 😊

->Will the base game also be available for a late pledge ?

It will but in limited quantities

->But... is on another company agenda?
Serious Pulp is not being clear at all at this point.

Haha, nice try but I can assure you that a T7C translation is not on the agenda of any human being, alien, heavenly body or machine, living or dead. Past, present, future and all parallel dimensions.

I think I covered everything there? 😉

->I'm sure that Wave 1-ers are quite pleased, and they'll let the rest of us know to be patient while they open their replacement cards.

Everyone will be getting their replacement cards in wave 2 ^^ so I don’t think they’ll be asking you to do anything there x)

->Originally I was under the impression that everyone who ordered the base game and expansions to be received in 2 shipments wouldn't have to request the color corrected cards as they would be shipped automatically with the wave 2 expansions. However, nkw, if I nderstand correctly, we have to request the color corrected cards (at no extra charge)

This is correct. If you have ALREADY received your core box then you will need to replace the corrected ones. This is because the issue is not present in every single box. The procedure to follow will be very quick, easy and explained fully in due time 😊

->I'd like to check the PM. Could you send me an email with the link?

You can message SP or check your inbox, the link should still be active 😊

->What is wrong with the cards? I just opened two packs at random and nothing stood out. Are there specific cards I should check?

The issue varies from copy to copy. Yours sounds like it’s fine!
Ok, I just read on the update comments that I am (thankfully) wrong, and new backers will be able to get the game (yay!... I love these guys lol )
I sure hope I'm wrong (I know CMON has their own late pledge manager that works differently), I've not seen a pledge manager ever open to newcomers that didn't originally pledge :-(
Firebird, I personally thought it was amusing :D'

Keep up the humor, as we all need it right about now. I want the game as much as the next person and a few laughs in between some seriousness is sometimes needed :-)

There was a guy on BGG that wrote:

"Tortures me daily!!!

Passing on this Kickstarter was one of my great regrets in life. (I’ve had an easy life.)

And now watching everyone discuss (i.e. “flaunt”) their copies makes me an angry person.

So if everyone could please stop posting so many interesting/enticing discussions about this game (at least until I find and purchase it), I would be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance."

and was roasted by everyone. It was just a joke.... again, humorous :silly:
Ya, I'll jump in the boat too!

If not, I don't think I'm willing to accept not being able to get my hands on this game (ya ya, late to the party too).

I'll unfortunately go EBAY if I have to :-(