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While I think the infinite xp one is something that needs to be addressed, this one seems ridiculous. (As well as all those requiring multiple insta-saves to work).

The infinite xp exploit (the Lovecraft one) also requires multiple insta-saves to work.
Although I agree that this one is a much more blatant attempt to game the system.
No, you can't trade action/bonus cards, you can only trade items.
It's not an error. The goal here is to *not* get stars, otherwise you notice someone following and become paranoid. In this case, ignorance is bliss. There are several cards where the failure has a better result than success.
Idk, Paranoid makes sense to me. Because you were working as a group, maybe someone in the group is sabotaging you and trying to get you killed, and you have to go off for a while to get some peace of mind.

I would buy standees for the Devourers in a heartbeat!
I'm pretty sure it's option (2) since you use the item.
Think about it: you had a bottle and you filled it, that means you no longer have an empty bottle. :)
I don't have it in front of me but I don't remember instructions on how to discard it. Of course the quickest way would be to wait until I draw another :icon_hand_green: since I'm already at my hand limit. I just wondered if there was an official ruling on it.
Is it possible to discard a Bonus :icon_hand_green: card from my hand if I don't want to keep it? Even if I'm under my hand limit.
The rules don't say, so I've kept the card, but I'm curious.

The card I want to get rid of is
the crown that forces me to be Paranoid.
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Well done. I suspected that
"bunch of nonsense"
could be exploited, but not to this extent. Congrats! :)

The only possible stop point would happen when:
you draw "bad 666" as the last 666 card, apply "bunch of nonsense" to discard it, return the past, and then draw "bad 666" again. That's bound to happen a few times if you're going to do the whole jig some 100 times. (how many exp are the advanced skills worth in total?)

Not if you
"save" and "reload" after getting the positive ghost effect, thereby ensuring you never draw two bad 666 cards in a row.

Of course, the
promo BGG card with 666
might either make this exploit easier or stop it completely... hmm...
Anyone willing to pay that ridiculous price deserves to be taken advantage of.
Judging from past months updates, I'm assuming either this week or the next.
Huh, thought I'd replied to this thread. I must have forgotten to click the submit button after the preview.

Anyway, I'd recommend against playing the PnP. It's so small, you can't really get a sense of how the game plays. It felt more like a teaser trailer than a true demo. The game itself has a starting location that does a good job of acting like a tutorial.
1. These cards are not curse specific and do not spoil anything. The 050 cards will become very familiar to you early in the game, having more of them in the expansions simply offers more variability as in subsequent games you're more likely to find different ones from the one you already saw and you never know what you'll get when you draw a 050 card.
2. That's what I think, yes
3. The way I did it was to simply mix everything in the base box, I didn't want to deal with more moving pieces during the first game so I ignored the Devourers and Weather when they came up in random event cards. It worked well because I only saw 10-15 cards from the expansions in the whole game, and those were all alternates of stuff in the base box (i.e. advanced skill cards, a couple new items, alternate terrain cards...)
I'm not sure I'd call it the recommended way, but I don't feel like I got spoiled anything from the other curses, so a similar method might work well for you too.
1 & 2. You won't spoil the expansion curses or items that are "specific to the curse" unless you're playing that curse so go ahead. But you can't add just some of the cards and expect the game not to break. You have to add all of the expansion at once.
3. No. Just don't play with the expansion's curse.
4. They're drawn randomly.
5. There are plenty, but you won't be able to separate them beforehand. If you want to add the cards that enhance replayability, without playing with added features, simply ignore the fog cards that instruct you to put Devourer/Weather figures into play. That way, the bulk of the expansion will not get used and you'll simply have a bit more variability with the other cards.
One of my 2s looks like a 3 too. I thought it was just my luck since in Sagrada I got a 2 that looks like a 4... No big deal since I play either 1p or 2p so not all dice are in use at once. Too bad if it's a widespread issue but at least it's not game-breaking.
Have you checked the errata? There's a note about card 170.
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Can I ask why you'd want to fail an action? Just curious, I haven't used Frankenstein so I'm not familiar with how his skills work. :)

In this particular case, failing means you gain an XP and success lets you spend your XPs. Thus success and failure are valuable at different times.

Thanks! That makes sense. I did run into another example today -- an action where you have to draw a lot of cards and if you get at least one star you get a negative status, if you fail nothing happens.

I also had one of Keelan's "as long as this card is in your hand..." skills which is similar because it says "-1 :card_blue: AND/OR :icon_succes:". So I used the -1 :card_blue: and it worked well because it lessened my chances of success. Because of the AND/OR (which I believe is also on Lovecraft's card), I can't think of a situation where I wouldn't want to use the skill, unless I was trying to cycle through the deck, but I can't think of why I'd be doing that. Though it would be good to get an official answer on this.
Can I ask why you'd want to fail an action? Just curious, I haven't used Frankenstein so I'm not familiar with how his skills work. :)

You need a second gear with an icon that matches the second gear in the banner. It will give you a value +X. Then you can do the action on the submarine card and take card 21+6+X. Best of luck!
Huh. My English version also says Liana and not Vine, I totally didn't notice...
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Also a question on character skill cards :
Can they be used indefinitely if they don't specify to be discarded after use?

Yes but check the Errata, one skill card has a misprint and doesn't say to discard it after use.
This was asked on the BGG forums but not many people have their copies yet, so I would like to ask SP or someone who has played. How does the PNP link with the game?
Specifically, in the PNP we saw the following:
1. There was a small island made of two cards, does that island appear in the game?
2. There were three possible ways to get off the island, leading to Landing Site #1, #2 or #3; do they correspond to a location in the game?
3. There was an item (bottle of whiskey) to use on cards 152 or 389, is that still a thing? i.e. can we assume we have that card as a bonus at the start of our game if we played the PNP? Or can we find the bottle of whiskey elsewhere on the continent?

Also there was a longer demo sent to reviewers (if I recall correctly from Rahdo's runthrough). Was that longer demo folded into the game, or is it a separate thing? I'm talking about
the island with the submarine.