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Good to know. Thanks!
Don't need to build the second one, can just discard the war paint to draw it, then discard the
Spike Trap
to draw the war paint back. Then build and the loop is ready. Does require the other card to be in outside of the action deck though.
Maybe the actions are simultaneous, which would make it weaker.

In any case I just got another dual keyword item with the same 2 attributes, so now it's definitely allowed! I can discard one, draw the other, build it, discard from item to draw the other one. Then repeat.
I was working on a sidequest called, iirc
Still standing

Which required me to have more than
5 red hands cards.

I was trying to work on this and was one short of achieving it. I had
Injured, Frightened and Bloody

Then I found an exploration card called
Take a Break

To pass this check I used the basic action card Valient Hearts Shall Not Fail. This lead to the following situation.
Passed the check, gained "tired" state, NOW HAVE 5 REDS, then in the consequence phase of the action I was instructed to return it, and back to 4 reds.

Was this window an acceptable one for me to complete my sub quest?
The fact that taking the tired card interrupts the action makes me think maybe? Or maybe I shouldn't take tired until the very end, in which case I'm totally fine.
Am I right in thinking that providing I have the leaf resource, I can add the war paint into a weapon bumping the durability up, remove it with her ability (stealth card goes to discard pile), then immediately re-collect it (an aggressiveness card), then repeat?

Seems really strong. I guess you need the resource, but free durability on weapons is amazing.
Ok thanks for that, I hope it's just something like seeing some cool animations on cards or whatever. That I can live without!

Hopefully someone will be able to spoil it for me!
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As every parent says at some point, I'm not angry I'm just disappointed...

But beside that, I'm not getting something for free, I'm being excluded from something that most people get, based on an arbitrary criteria. If they'd said that the 5% of tallest backers will miss out on some content, they'd probably feel the same.

And it's not so much the missing out, it's not knowing what I'm actually missing. It's like walking into a room, and your big brother is chewing, you ask what they're eating and they say "Nothing..."

There's a fairly good chance I won't actually care about what I'm missing, but not actually knowing makes me feel rubbish.

Since I got the game I've been playing basically every evening, a few hours each day for the last few days. Last night I found that card and all the enthusiasm just drained from me and I just went "Oh" and stopped playing for the day.

So to repeat the first comment:

"I seem to remember in the KS campaign there would be a way to access the content without it, if that's true, how is that done?

If it's not, can someone please just spoil the content for me?"
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There's a brown box bonus, sure, but that's not the same thing as the app gives you I'm sure. I'd just like to know exactly what I'm missing. This has left a pretty sour taste in my mouth to be honest, it's the only design choice they've made that I really disagree with.
I just found this card and have no smartphone to actually use it.

I seem to remember in the KS campaign there would be a way to access the content without it, if that's true, how is that done?

If it's not, can someone please just spoil the content for me?

Personally I'm perfectly happy just excluding the Crystal's Song from a huge multi curse run, my concern was the 4 main white curses being incompatible with each other.
I've only started the Prison of clouds so far, but given how it starts, I could see how if the 396 curse starts the same way, they might not work together.

The fact you start on what's effectively an island, only accessible by air. If there's no other way to get the balloon (no idea if this is true or not), then you'd HAVE to start there to make the curse possible. Unless there's cunning other ways I'm not aware of, which is possible for sure.
I'm not the OP, but does this mean that doing all the curses together in one go is possible?

I'm planning to do them one at time first, but that's good to know!
For Frankenstein's cards, the -2 :card_blue: is a passive ability, but the 2 :icon_succes: one is not. It's a common mistake for people to read the first one they see carefully, then assume the other one is the same when it's not.
For the Frankenstein one, remember that the skill card that gives +2 stars is discarded after use, so you can't just chain it.
Thanks for that! I had been playing that way because I didn't want to make the game easier than it should be! Glad to hear I haven't been punishing myself for no reason...
I can think of three reasons. Say you have
repaired the camp
and made a fire there, then you have the
advanced skill card dextrous, and have built a woven cord item
you might want to use that item on the spot that gives the discount.

Secondly, you might want to use a fire creation item such that it discards from a full stack in order to make room for something else.

And finally there's a pretty game breaking exploit if you're patient. Once you have
2 of the 3 Fortiflore botany cards
and you're on an appropriate area
with that plant
Here's how it works
Use the Action on one of the cards to draw one card to make a fire, if you like the card, great! Keep it. If not, use the other botany card ability to shuffle it back into the deck. Then repeat.

If you can be bothered, you can use this
to pick whichever cards you want out of the deck.
Is it allowed to take an action that would place a fire token down on a space when there's one there already?
I have seen a few cards with an action with the Padlock Icon, where the conditions for success are dependent on a variable.

An example is the card

Action that can be taken, with X cards and Y successes required, padlocked. But then there's a condition that says "If Z is true, conditions for success are now A cards and B successes instead.

Now my question is, are both of these options considered padlocked? I could see it being either way, maybe the padlock was omitted for brevity because it applies to the action no matter what. Or maybe if you're lucky/unlucky enough to meet the condition, a benefit is the padlock no longer applies.

Many effects in the game refer to discarding cards with the keyword X, but there's one
050 card, the Viking song
that uses the phrasing "Item with the keyword X".

To be considered "an Item", is it sufficient that there is a card in the full item stack with that keyword, or does that card itself need to be at the top of the stack?

Full specific question in spoilers:
Can I use the Viking song 050 card, along with the Figurehead item attached to my walking stick "Will" stack to refresh the durability on my walking stick?