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Sorry if I can't see how I'm the one wrong or if this has been reported already (did a search).

On the "ESE" Flying Net I'm able to count
7 rope connections on the moon ring
8 rope connections on the flower ring
, nevertheless the result card
states that you should cut the
moon ring

Am I missing something?
Thanks let's wait and see :D
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this subject

Although I didn't get to use the AR part of it, the music player is simple and right to the point.
Nevertheless I have a remark/request, not sure if this have to due with the app particular coding/programing but it only plays if it's "open" and it doesn't let the screen go into sleep-mode.

Wouldn't it be possible to have it keep playing the soundtrack if "minimized" or while the screen goes into sleep-mode? In order to save battery, like the un-official app does.
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