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Since it says to do something "immediately after revealing" the card I interpret this as happening before it enters the Satchel. But since we interpret it differently I guess a note of "(including this card)" or "(not including this card)" could have helped.
Thanks for your suggestions, Dill, I might do something similar.

Putting all the new cards in yesterday made me really impatient to get to play the game again!
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Thanks for that great list of 1927 cards!

I made a card type breakdown from it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PpGFIZFm4KOYRZSFx8qDd8mXZ0UWBBKYQu2TyT-Lms4

I think that will make some sleeving calculators happy (myself, I'll continue to sleeve everything except "Adventure - other" like I've done with the original set and old expansions, do as you please). There might be some new "hot" numbers in the "Adventure - other" section that should get their own heading, but I don't know yet, haven't unpacked my cards yet. But it shouldn't change very much, get an extra pack of 50 sleeves and you'll be safe. :)

If you want to check my calculations, you can see them here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K-etBQn49ttHrFlRl9VAhhyDVKEeuDRYdAw8IWaSLxI
Firebird a écrit :
About the next campaign for a new game, I spoke with one of the authors (Bruno Sautter) during the "Festival International des jeux de Cannes" (february 2018) and he told the same thing in a french interview (Podcast "La Radio des jeux") in november 2017. Ludovic Roudy (the other author) confirmed the project at the end of a conference about the crowdfunding in Paris (april 2018).
Sorry, these are very long and french-speaking sources... :ermm:
I don't have enought time to give you timestamps for the exact quote.

Wow, thanks for the information! This deserves its own speculation/rumors topic.
I am most happy that the official version aligns with my humbly preferred version. :)

I pray that we may all keep playing as our designers intended and be kept safe from the abominable corruptions of benighted literalism. :angel:
I agree, I don't think this is the designer's intention, and I would not play it this way. Just being tricky, but an official word would be nice. :)
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Thanks for your response!

To complicate things further though, consider the situation of having the 267 card and a Paranoid state card in hand and then revealing a second Paranoid state card.

The rules (page 16) states that
When a player reveals a State card, if the :discard: icon can be seen on it, then they must immediately discard as many cards from the top of the Action Deck as they have Character/State cards in hand – unless an effect prevents them from getting that state.
The player must then add this :icon_hand_orange: card to their hand, unless an effect prevents them from getting that state.
If they already have a State card with the same title in hand, they must return it to the Adventure Deck and replace it with the State card they have just taken

Since card 267 says
You may not return your paranoid state as long as you have this in hand.

and we all know that (page 5)
Important! Card text overrides this rulebook.

it seems that the character would then have multiple Paranoid cards in hand. Is that correctly interpreted?
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Firebird a écrit :
Could you please copy the exact text of the #267 card ?

Photo of card:
Firebird a écrit :
I didn't check the 267 Item but I think the answer is general.
Yes, even in solo, you have to take the Paranoid state to check if you see a :discard: symbol.
After that, of course, you can return it immedialy (because you valid the condition to return it).

The last line of this response is, in my opinion, taken out of context in a Swedish forum discussion and being interpreted as a response to the real question here - i.e. what happens when you have the 267 item in this situation. Clarification in the case of the 267 item (and solo character) would be appreciated.

Myself I understand it just like already posted:

DoctorNny a écrit :
In #267s case though,
you keep the Paranoid card no matter what; as long as you have the Item.
This seems like an important issue. Any official word?
I think there are many variations on how to sleeve this game to achieve personal satisfaction, but I'll try to describe the reasoning behind my way of doing it.

Sleeve these cards, in some kind of priority:
1. Any cards that can end up in the action deck - because they are very frequently shuffled.
2. Exploration cards - because they are frequently shuffled.
3. Any cards that are sometimes kept in the players'/group's hand/inventory/journal/etc areas - because 1. they are handled at least somewhat frequently by possibly careless/dirty hands and 2. it is nice to have all of these cards sleeved, rather than having a messy mixture of sleeved/unsleeved cards.
4. Any cards not included above that are shuffled more often than very rarely.
5. I also sleeve the (top 90% of the) storage divider cards, because I've found that they get visibly damaged/worn very quickly otherwise.
6. Maybe some more stray cards just because I have some sleeves over. :)

After sleeving the above, the only non-sleeved cards will be (the majority of) the adventure cards which does not match any of the above criteria.

As for what cards belong to these groups then, I can answer somewhat for the already released parts, but for the not yet released stuff it is an educated guess at best. There are posts where people try to keep track of what we know about the upcoming cards, I don't have a link at the moment though.

(There are some spoilers marked below. All of them are the card numbers matching the text immediately after the spoiler tag. The minor ones are those already listed in the BGGFAQ. The medium ones are those that are not listed in the BGGFAQ.)

1: These cards are those in Table 1.2 in the BGGFAQ V1.1B - generic/specific curse cards, basic skill cards, character skill cards, advanced skill cards and at least "one more" card which you will find out about when playing.
2: These cards are those in Table 1.3 in the BGGFAQ V1.1B - all the exploration cards, easily identifiable numbered with the I-X roman numerals.
3: Here is where it gets interesting. These include the character cards, the satchel & journal card, the clue cards and any other cards that can end up in the satchel/journal or players' hands/inventories. The last group includes the
experience cards, the
journal cards, the
meat and
fish cards, and a (perhaps surprisingly) large number of assorted other adventure cards. I also include the (PoR expansion) pocket watch card in this group.
4: This group includes a (again, perhaps surprisingly large) number of adventure cards that fulfill the criteria that 1. there are several cards with the same "number" and color (green/gold), 2. not all of them are the same and 3. there are more than 2-3 of them (i.e. necessitating some shuffling/randomization at times). Most of them are in Table 1.1 in the BGGFAQ V1.1B, in addition to those already mentioned above you will find: the
status cards, the
"150" & "250"
hunting results, the
"200" & "300"
fishing results, the
grave cards. I don't see why the BGGFAQ lists the
level up cards though, but it might become obvious to me at some later stage perhaps. I would also add some more, like the
treasure cards, the (expansion)
"449" & "499"
icy maze cards and the
path of repentance cards . This is not an exhaustive list! Looking at the cards list you will be able to find more cards fitting this group. Maybe you want to sleeve all the duplicate (=matching number and color) non-identical adventure cards, to remind yourself of randomizing when drawing from these.
5: Not much to say about this, I think we got ~30 divider cards from the first Kickstarter ("all in" pledge), but there will be some more dividers in the "fixed" edition of the second Kickstarter.
6: This could include cards like the save dividers (8 item "dice" cards, the action deck card and the discard pile card). Not anything important at all though.

Did that help at all? :)
Ghassan a écrit :
Does that mean that for example by performing the moving action i can freely go from a forest terrain with no snow to the middle of a mountainous snowy terrain that would normally require skiing just because i have already explored it and it’s connected to the forest by a series of uninterrupted terrains?

Or do i have to stop and perform the skiing action to continue?

It just feels thematically dissonant to casually walk your way around snowy terrain (and conversely to ski/snowshoe your way around forest terrain if you’re staring from mountain to forest in one action)

Sorry, can't help you with that. But you could always make your own house rules that you like better!
See the FAQ here.
Ad 1) @Rulebook P. 11 lower right corner:
Note: the cost of an action may be zero, but never less than zero. In cases where the cost is lowered below zero, consider it to be zero.

Thanks for pointing this out, I just couldn't find it, I should have learnt by now how often the crucial "missing" information is found in the "boxes".

Yet, why would you want to fail something on purpose?

I must assume you have not played much yet? As Freyr says, there are several situations were it might be preferable to fail an action. The black section is not always necessarily the worse outcome. Most of these situation would be minor spoilers, but still certainly spoilers. This is not a problem with the game, but rather intentionally set up this way by the creators. You will see when you get there. :)

Ad 2) On consequences of actions taken: Rulebook P. 12:
a failure – they [the involved players] apply the effects shown in the black section.
If there is no such section, failing this action has no consequence.
Unless stated otherwise (e.g. “each involved character…”), the consequence of an action only applies to the active player.

This seems to make a "fail on purpose" scenario pointless if there are no negative consequences in a black field and a given card since there simply won't be any consequences.
What exactly does the card you refer to state as it's consequences?

This I know already, and it is not really relevant to the question. The spoilery stuff is all in post linked in my original post.

But anyway, here is the full spoiler on this "exploit" combination:
It involves
Ferdinand's Gourmet skill card and another card.
The other card is
D1183 (adventure card 608) from the Swamp of Madness expansion
The texts of both cards are:
The following effect applies as long as you have this in your hand:
:action_condition::action_eat: Randomly take 1 card from the Discard Pile and shuffle it back into the Action Deck.

:action_eat::card_blue:0+:icon_succes:0 [white section] Discard all cards with the keyword elixir you have in hand. Take a :card_pick:648 card. Banish this.

There is no black section on the Potion card!

I think it might be a bit difficult to discuss these game mechanics unless you have some experience with them. But, trying to be non-spoilery, what you see from the "Big spoiler" information above is that just trying to perform this special action gives you a benefit and since the action can be performed over and over as long as you don't succeed, with only a negligible negative consequence, it is strongly exploitable.
I recommend you to read section 1.2 in the BGG community FAQ which might answer all your questions. If you still have some left, I'll be happy to discuss! :)
I would love to hear your opinions on this... :)
Mail sent! :)
There might be a chance that Serious Poulp will allow late pledges through the pledge manager.
If that is not the case, you need to find someone who has a pledge, preferably living in your vicinity, and join their pledge with additional order through the pledge menager.
It is the :icon_succes::icon_succes::icon_succes: version of Forewarned is forearmed. I don't know how to upload an image here, but I can send it by email if you want.
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perexaos a écrit :
We were fishing in the gold fishing card several times and we the snake we bitted us many times, and we already had all the poison card without running out of action cards. [...] we could repeat the fishing process, snake didn't do nothing because there weren´t more poison cards and we won more cards than we lose. [...] Nothing happens if you gain a damage card type and there aren't more damage card of this type ?

I have a problem understanding your scenario.

  • There are five poisoned (:card_pick:108) state cards.
  • There can be a maximum of four characters.
  • Each character can have a maximum of one poisoned card.
  • The only way for a state card to leave a character's hand is to return to the adventure deck.
  • You say that you ran out of poisoned cards in the adventure deck.

How is the scenario you describe (running out of :card_pick:108 cards in the adventure deck) possible?

This is my perception of how it should be played when you are instructed to draw a :card_pick:108 card (see page 16 of rule book for further details):
  1. draw a :card_pick:108 card from the adventure deck (it is not possible that there are none, see above)
  2. if it has the :discard: symbol, you discard as many action cards as :icon_hand_orange: cards you have in hand (before adding the one you just drew)
  3. you add the poisoned card to your hand
  4. if you already had a poisoned card, you return the "old" card to the adventure deck
  5. if there were more characters involved and they also are to draw :card_pick:108 cards, after the active player has done the above all other involved players do the same (steps 1-4), one by one, in clockwise order