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Thank You for confirmation.
Yes :).
How exactly works this card?
Does it allows only replacing wood for bamboo and vice versa, if there is one of these resources aviable (for example on the terrain card or permanent event card)?
If you are taking them from face-up discard pile, I think that you can look at them, since they are already face-up.
If discard pile is face-down, this case is questionable, but I would shuffle them without looking.
That makes sense, I forgot about this rule. Thanks.
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When active player is
(due to neggative card effect of a card # 219/A0657 after exploring event card Hollow trunk A0226) discarding wood resource based or featured item cards
, is it mandatory to lower pips of items, which we are discarding from? And if yes, by its initial durability value?
(Personnaly I do not think so, becasue if initial durability of discarded item card would exceed currnet pip value, it would mean discarding whole item, and that case is not described in the rulebook nor on that specific adventure card.)