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ok- I'll chime in...

Thicker card stock- higher quality card stock. Not tha this is shabby- I just feel like these a re bit thin.
Or maybe better printing? It seems the ink 'chips' off along the edges easily.

At least on the highly shuffled deck cards-- maybe just those could be higher durability card stock?
Did you ever figure out what to do with the clue you found at #3? I didn't and am still curious what to do with it.

I can't find the #5 clue anywhere.

#6?? Lol- nope.

I feel like I got a completely different set of cards than others have because I'm not finding the same things other people are. I think I am playing this all wrongs, have died 3x (playing solo) and have considered selling this whole thing-- so far a big let down. Too frustrating and taking the fun out of it so far.

Can the following cards be combined?

Woven Cord and Rope: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPIdlZbILr1q7qnqIL_ZbFKh8IC_J_UUIEx6E5T Same keywords, except,Woven Cord is not crafted--does that mean its only a one-time use skill that stays in your hand until you use it? Then discarded after use?

Magnifying Glass and Torch https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNGvH3uCLzm99fdYC_gUDll41TStVmKB0CcZw6O
Same key words, except, Torch is crafted and magnifying glass is not. So can they be combined? If not, where does the magnifying glass go until it is used? And does it take up inventory space?

Do food items take up inventory space?
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:resource_wood: Forest Lake, Minnesota USA :resource_wood:
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So I attempt a move action printed on the terrain card I currently am on. If successful, move to any 'legal' terrain (per p. 19)

So what if, there isn't a move action printed on a card- like the one with the hoisted submarine on it (sorry- card number is not in front of me) then I cannot take a move action and must find anther way off the terrain? Since it doesn't have a move action printed on it- therefore, I cannot attempt to move- so I must find another mode off that terrain?

Thanks-- I think I'm catching on. :pinch:
So, I think I got this:

drawing a :7: activates the :icon_succes_7: abilities on a skill card(s) already in possession. The abilities on the skill cards stack depending on the number of :icon_succes_7: printed on the skill card and the number of card drawn.
so, P.19 'legal movement' example, which cost am I paying?

1) The terrain card I am currently am on?
2) The one I want to travel too?
3) leaving the one in the middle costing nothing?

Hmm--glad I asked this...I've been paying every time I cross a terrain and then backtrack through each terrain- which explains what I have little energy left.
Let's say I am standing a terrain and want to enter the adjacent terrain to me...but there is a cost ( :action_move::card_blue::icon_succes::move_arrow:). So, I pay the cost and enter the new terrain.

But for my next turn, if I want to go back to the original terrain (Backtrack), which also has a similar cost associated with it, do I need to pay that cost again? In other words, each time I leave and then reenter a terrain with a cost, I need to pay that cost again (and again)?

So, its not a one time cost to explore- but instead its costing me energy each time I move/backtrack. (assuming there is a cost shown on the terrain card requiring me to do so)

I might have answered my own question-- but I guess I just need to make sure I'm playing correctly.
(I'm getting my butt kicked with all my solo backtracking exploring of Voracious Goddess--but I'm having fun learning and watching my life dwindle away-- wait- what??!) ha ha :wassat:
I thought I saw it someplace- but can't find it now....but a move action is 'free' if there is fire present? Or did I dream this someplace? ha!
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How does the lucky 7 ( :7: ) on a card work? I'm not sure I understand it's 'power'. Seems to me its just another 1 success :icon_succes:

Is it 'just another star' (success) point? Lets say it was on a card alone...would it count as 1 success or is it more than that?

If it's on my skill/item card,
for example, what is the difference between it and just another success?
Effect of the card :
:icon_succes: :icon_succes: :icon_succes: :icon_succes_7: :icon_succes_7:

Sorry if I'm too thick headed on this one- but I'm not 'getting it'. :O
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the banner is optional-- correct?

So I can take 021

Is that correct?