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It's weird. I never used credit card, only debit one. I do not understand why to borrow money if I have my own...

Where are you trying to pay?
Mayday premium 80x80 fits well.
Thanks for an explanation. I wrote question at work from memory. Now I realise my mistake. I combine food with shovel by keyword stamina. And when I had haven't cards in hand I mixed up several things.
I understand it the same way as you BUT I'm a man and a foreign speaker too. 8-)
As I play I already spot such cards and it seems to be logical. You've got an opportunity to discard some cards but there still are other consequences.
So if key words don't fit it is not good idea to add a food under an item because consuming the food degrees durability of the item. Right?
Actually, it implies that stacking food without key word into one item doesn't have a sense: If I put a food (1 pip) into inventory and add another 2 food cards without key word or with different keyword (doesn't add any pip) I still have the food with 1 pip durability. When I eat I lost 2 food cards without use.
Or (may be) I have to take more cafe after lunch. :blush:
Sorry for silly question, but I'm not sure if I understood correctly:
I have a shovel with a 3:icon_d6:. I've got an food 1:icon_d6:. When I add the food under the shovel then pips are or aren't changed according to key words on both of cards (obvious). The question is if proceeding an :action_eat: action on food card decrease durability of shovel item?
Sometimes I have to make space on a table (i.e. for dinner). It could happen when players are split and standard save procedure cannot be done. So I make a snapshot (by phone) and store whole map bay rows. After a pause and tide up & clean table I restore the map. Other cards I save as usual.
At the end of session players meet on the same tile, draw a map to notebook (or just make a snapshot) and proceed a standard save.
If You have the drown (snapshot) map you can decide which direction you'll explore next. It is good to wisely decide where to save. Some skills even allow to make a free campfire immediately after restore which always helps.
Take it as you go to sleep and wake up in the morning surrounded by a misty fog. You remember what has happened yesterday and you are going for further exploring.
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I play it with my son and I have to translate every card to Czech. As I try to do my best and there is many words I don't know yet it means using dictionary quite lot. It is one of the best opportunities to learn better English! :)
Don't hesitate to take it as a challenge! ;)
Don't forget to search for hidden numbers!
It seems like lack of explicit instruction for banishing character card. As player have to banish all skill cards with the character face then banishing of the character card should be to follow. It does not have a sense keep dead character available if there are not available his or her skills, does it?
Jičín, Czech Republic