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I lucked out and acquired this from a KS backer who decided to sell his to me when I expressed an interest in it for my wife.

My problem is that I am trying to get a grasp on what it is I have so I can properly inventory it, sort it out, and restore it to its original state before I either leave it that way or recombine the main set plus whatever else he got. However, the more I try to gather info on what comes in each box and its contents, the more confused I am getting since it appears there were multiple backer tiers that got different content depending on their backer level, the selling of whatever was left after KS backers got their orders, along with there being a reprint (?)

I think the original owner backed the first KS, but I do not know what level he got it on.

I have no reason to believe anything is missing, but I can't help but do an inventory anyway. My issue is that that whatever came in both of these boxes (black and white) appears to have been combined. I want to separate it to what came in each box so I can verify nothing is accidentally missing while I still have the opportunity to bring it up to the original owner before I leave town.

I've spent some time on the Serious Poulp website, did some searches online, and tried to reverse what I'm looking at with the 2 sets of rules I have. It's not going as smoothly as I'd have hoped. Can anybody assist me in this?
Check what you have against the "collectors edition"
Alright so. There's a lot of expansions to check. Fortunately each one has a unique letter in the card ID, so they're easy to sort.
Here's those letters for every expansion, plus a few cards you can check for in Preparation & Storage and in the adventure deck. (The 3-digit numbers given are Adventure card numbers that only come from that expansion.)

A. Base box
You definitely have this, but there's quite a few versions of it. Figuring out what version you have is complicated, I'll make another post.
Cards to check: The Voracious Goddess Curse/Clue, 000
Also: Fire minis, a big black box

B. The Icy Maze
Cards to check: The Icy Maze Curse/Clue, 449

C. The Forbidden Sanctuary
Cards to check: The Forbidden Sanctuary Curse/Clue, 450

D. The Swamp of Madness
Cards to check: The Swamp of Madness Curse/Clue, 621

E. Path of Repentance
Cards to check: Pocket Watch, 500

F. Fear the Devourers
Cards to check: 480
Also: Worm minis

G. Facing the Elements
Cards to check: 549
Also: Weather standees

H. BGG Promo cards
Cards to check: 586

I. Comfort Creatures
Cards to check: 802

J. The Flying Roots
Cards to check: The Strangest Encounter!, 815
Also: Plant minis

K. What Goes Up, Must Come Down
Cards to check: A Prison of Clouds Curse/Clue, 999
Also: Barge and Balloon minis, a big white box
A kickstarter first edition that hasn't had the upgrade pack added in will be missing a few dividers. (Character skills, 051, a couple others I think?)

A kickstarter first edition that has had the upgrade pack is tough to tell from other editions. It's unlikely you will see a first edition of any kind, they are quite rare. Virtually every copy of T7C on the market right now is some flavor of kickstarter second edition.

A kickstarter second edition that hasn't had the replacement cards added in might have miscut cards that are wider than normal, or color matching issues with action cards, particularly the named curse cards being identifiable from other action cards. (Color matching issues of varying severity were common, miscuts were uncommon but certainly happened.)

A kickstarter second edition that has had the replacement cards added in is tough to tell from an upgraded first edition, or a second edition that wasn't affected by these problems.

Some kickstarter second editions came from the factory with the replacement cards already in the box. These have a big gold sticker on the outside of the shrinkwrap, so if a game is new in shrink you can tell if it has replacement cards or not very easily. On an opened copy it can be almost impossible to tell.

Because SP printed replacements for every card in the black box, and sent them for free to so many people, some of these replacement card sets wind up on ebay. They're pretty obviously not a complete copy -- usually they're in a smaller white box with just the cards and no minis or card trays. The many missing components can all be improvised, so people play with them anyway, and it's a decent way for people that own Classic to get the Kickstarter-exclusive cards.

Some ebay replacement card sets are actually the replacement cards, but some people kept the replacements and ebayed their original second edition cards repacked into the replacement card box. If you're looking for a replacement set to upgrade Classic to kickstarter edition, or replace misprinted cards in a second edition that doesn't have them, be aware that both types exist.

The new, non-kickstarter Classic edition comes with a smaller brown box with only two trays instead of the large black box with three trays. It's missing the Frankenstein and Lovecraft characters and the Dark Chest of the Damned curse, and has about a hundred fewer cards in total. There are minor compatibility issues between Classic and What Goes Up Must Come Down. I don't know how many of these are in the wild yet, but they won't be hard to identify if you see one.
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