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Posté - Edité
Hey everyone,

I ran into this interaction in my current game, and I just want to make sure that I'm playing it correctly.

I am playing solo and I'm at my hand limit of 5 "blue hand"-cards. I then flip a card that tells me that I can add a "serenity" card from my discard pile to my hand.

Just to be completely clear: Adding this card is NOT part of an action resolution. (there are a few like that, such as the "Stream" exploration card or Adventure Card 071)

So my question is: Do I discard down to 5 immediately - or can I keep my hand until I resolve an action at a later point? (step 7 in the action resolution)

Thanks in advance.
Posté - Edité
When you say you "flip a card", do you mean flipping an exploration card as the result of a successful pathfind action? If so, then that is still happening in the consequence step of the pathfind action's resolution, so you would discard after choosing your serenity card.

I'm not sure if you were citing adventure card 71 as working differently from the card you're asking about, but just clarify: for that you would also discard immediately because the only way the card can be revealed is during the consequence step of the action that tells you to take the adventure card, so again the hand limit step will happen right after you pick your card.
I think I was definitely over-complicating things - it makes sense that revealing an exploration card and carrying out its reveal-effect is still part of the “consequences” step. (I somehow just treated the “flipping” as the consequence - with whatever came next being outside that sequence)

Anyway, thank you for the clear and helpful reply!
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