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This was asked on the BGG forums but not many people have their copies yet, so I would like to ask SP or someone who has played. How does the PNP link with the game?
Specifically, in the PNP we saw the following:
1. There was a small island made of two cards, does that island appear in the game?
2. There were three possible ways to get off the island, leading to Landing Site #1, #2 or #3; do they correspond to a location in the game?
3. There was an item (bottle of whiskey) to use on cards 152 or 389, is that still a thing? i.e. can we assume we have that card as a bonus at the start of our game if we played the PNP? Or can we find the bottle of whiskey elsewhere on the continent?

Also there was a longer demo sent to reviewers (if I recall correctly from Rahdo's runthrough). Was that longer demo folded into the game, or is it a separate thing? I'm talking about
the island with the submarine.
My answer is not official, but I think that :
  • The PnP is not directly exploited to start the game because it was conceived especially during the campaign to illustrate the mechanisms.
    For example, the whiskey illustrates the possibility of having a useful object in the very long term

    Probably some similar elements will be included in the game?

  • The demo version takes place at the beginning of the curse of the Voracious Goddess.
    Check the clue : you can see the island with the submarine

    But its content is probably a little different (be careful!).
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