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So this is a questions about the potential results of a hunt or fishing expedition:

Lets say I go fishing.

- I draw cards and get enough stars to let me draw 2 of the fishing result cards (think they are 200 cards).

- I am not bloody so we can ignore that bit of the fishing card.

- I have to choose one and return the others.


One is a fish (allows me to draw 2 002 cards for example) the other is a water snake! The water snake has a fight action square with the spiky red border.

Does this mean:

- I have to fight it and completely resolve that card before moving on to the "Choose one to keep and return the rest" (in which case I would just be left with the fish)


- Can I choose to keep the fish and return the snake?


- Do I have to keep the snake and return the fish?

I'm assuming that the red border means I have to fight the snake, then once thats fully resolved (which could end up in me getting some food cards) I then do the "keep 1, return the others".

So while it's not ideal because it forces me into another action (using more cards and maybe items), if I can handle it I may well get experience, some food and then the food from the other card as well.
Simple one from me, I'd like a divider for Character Skills to go between the Skill and Advanced Skills divider. That way you can just grab the whole skills deck out without having to sort it. Have made my own out of card for now, but an official one would be nice.

Obviously the errata'd cards and lots more curses and expansions, but I don't think anyone is going to say no to that.
Ok so if you imagine this shape of already explored cards:


I put out card 4 which means I have to put Exploration Cards of Level II in the places marked by an X:

2 X
3 4 X

I then move back to 1 and explore right (card 5):

1 5
2 X
3 4 X

When I put card 5 out it tells me to put a Level III Exploration card below it, meaning I would have 2 in one place. The rules state you only place it if there is a free space, so thats ok. My question is have I done something wrong as from one direction I have a level II exploration card, and from another direction I have a level III in the same space?