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Thanks! Do we have confirmation either way that these will/will not be in the upcoming Kickstarter? I'd just like to know if I should wait or get them from BGG.
Put me on! San Jose, CA, USA.
Hah, nice! I'm sorry I didn't see that earlier.
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The game text says the 7th Continent is off the coast of Antarctica - do we get any more specific than that? I was assuming it'd be in the South Pacific a la Lovecraft's R'lyeh, but it seems there's no real reason it couldn't be in the Atlantic or Indian oceans. I'm curious if anyone else has thought about this.

Also, how big do you picture the landscape in your mind? I tend to think of the "continent" as more of a large island like Madagascar or New Guinea. Unless the game area ends up somehow being part of Antarctica itself...
I've played a couple of group games, but I think I'd really like to just dive in solo and explore as much as I can. Does anyone have any suggestions for which sets of character skills might work well together?

There are several thematic combos I'm thinking about - doctor/brawler, scholar with a sixth sense, expert hunter/explorer, etc. - and I'm curious if any skill combos chain especially well.