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I created a full walk through for The Voracious Goddess, including every area of the game. Feel free to check it out here:

Ok sir. You've dug a pretty good grave for yourself. Are you willing to accept a logical argument for why you are wrong and the game did not lie to you?

the card where you incorrectly planted the seed is 281. The correct card is 365.

The reasons you've given are assumptions, formed by you, from knowledge outside the game.
"necropolis are deserted.
And seagulls don't live in arid places" .
luckily, there's a clue you've missed that clears everything up and makes the correct choice quite apparent.

If you look at the back of both cards
281 says: "The wind whistles into a pit that was dug in the middle of a rocky plain." whereas card 365 says: "You have reached the end of this arid desert, formed by a promontory rising up about sixty yards above the ocean".

I think it's pretty clear which choice is correct. Happy exploring!
The clue card for the bloody hunt says "if akechas totem can very seen on your terrain card and players have 5 or more cards with the keyword trophy take a 398 card"

Do you have to take the 398 card? Or are you allowed to continue hunting to collect more trophies?
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There is an easily exploitable combination when using Lovecraft to spend 0 energy doing a small loop of checks to earn infinite experience and purchase every advanced skill.

If you have the special discard pile standee and select the "bunch of nonsense"
side. Anytime you have "Dark Whispers" in your hand you can pray at any of the graveyards that reveal a 091 card.

Dark Whispers gives you the success necessary to succeed the 091 check with no energy. Whichever 091 card you reveal makes you reveal a 666 card.

If you reveal the "you have apparently disturbed a tormented spirit" use the discard pile power to "discard a card with the keyword specter that they have just revealed, without applying any related effects. In that case, they must immediately take a 666 card."

If you reveal either of the other 666 cards, either it is harmless or Dark Whispers let's you succeed the check with no energy.

You may then resolve the 091 card. One of them doesn't do much, but the other 091 card let's you take any card from the discard pile or deck with the will or aggressiveness keyword and add it to your hand.

If you select Lovecraft's "Wild Imagination" you may then fail its check, using - 1 from Dark Whispers, to gain an experience OR succeed,
using Dark Whispers to spend no energy, to purchase advanced skills.

Because you have spent no energy to complete these steps, and because if there are no cards you are prompted to grab, you return all cards from the discard pile, you can repeat them indefinitely. Fail Wild Imagination to gain infinite experience then succeed Wild Imagination to purchase every advanced skill in the game.

All it takes is the patience to do these steps or the intelligence to realize the end result and jump to it.
You can only do one action at a time. You can't interrupt an action to start a second action. The result of your hunting/fishing tells you to draw X [XYZ] cards, lose a non predator if you are bloody then select one and return the rest.

Once that action is complete, you will have a temporary event that then takes place.
Exploration cards, before they are flipped, are considered permanent events for terrain cards in every direction. So if your terrain card has no orange arrow, you may still path find an adjacent exploration card.

Page 19 of the rulebook says you may move to a "reachable" terrain cards. Where "a reachable terrain card is one that is connected to the active players terrain card by an uninterrupted series of terrain cards. So yes, even if there is no orange arrow you may move there.

I didn't read the ear plug card correctly. All the other cards that don't count against your dice when you use them tell you to discard them. So when I used the ear plugs I automatically discarded them. Glad to know the only thing that was "broken" was my ability to read. Sorry.

Thank you!
Path of Repentance adds exploration cards and an 050 card, but you likely won't notice a big change. The bulk of Path of Repentance deals only with the Pocket Watch, which you can choose to use or not at the beginning of the game.

This works the same as the 3 curse expansions-They add exploration cards, 050 cards, a few alternate terrain cards (that correlate with the 050 cards among other things), but these changes aren't really noticeable in the game. If you select those curses, you then deal with the bulk of the expansion that is a big change from the game.

Conclusion: you are ok to put the path of repentance into the game from the get go.
If that is true, that is such a let down in an otherwise extremely well orchestrated, thematic game. Everything else that can kill in the game gives you warnings and at least lets you use lots of energy to get free. To have no warning, and be stuck, not dead just stuck by something unthematic, it just seems in poor taste.

Why can't you just,
force your way through the loud sound by 1) taking a penalty of some sort (like going deaf) 2)increasing the difficulty of the loud crystal passage when not deaf 3) plug your ears with your fingers? Because if wax plugs are sufficient sound dampening to let you out of the room, fingers in your ears would be equally sufficient.

Ear plugs don't actually make you deaf!

Given the choice between certain death jumping down a shaft, certain death waiting in the room and some "unendurable" sounds... that's not even a choice, you endure the sounds and get out.
So... I'm not dead, but I'm in a room and can make no progress and I can't go backwards for an unthematic reason. So something is broken.

room 640 encourages you to lose your deafness and gives you a cool power and a cool item.

But then won't let you leave for any reason because you aren't deaf. What am I missing from this terrible trap!
To be fair, 391 does say that the thing is uninterested in you. Falling on your head doesn't appear to be intentional and it isn't mandatory to then fight the thing. Perhaps its purple sludge can transmit vibrations and it thought you were an easy meal (like a bunny rabbit). But when you didn't die from it landing on you it lost interest. So coming into the room from the East, you don't step on the purple sludge and you don't notice him stuck to the ceiling.
There is and advanced skill "knowledge is power" that has nothing in the blue part.

When you use the action cards on the "Knowledge is Power" cards in the base action deck, you get 1 extra experience per other "Knowledge is Power" card in your hand. So if you have all 3 base "Knowledge is Power" cards, you can get 3, then 2, then 1 experience.

The advanced skill allows you to get up to 9 experience from having 4 "Knowledge is Power" cards in your hand: 4, then 3, then 2 experience.
They were being sold by BGG at Gen Con-with the intent that "leftovers" will be available on bgg store starting in September. Just because they sold out at Gen Con doesn't mean they've sold out completely. Not to mention, Tric Trac had the promos as well. Still a terrible decision by SP to release exclusive content they have no control over, but live and learn. Here's to a reprint of the promos.

Only time will tell.
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I would like to talk candidly about the voracious goddess and get an answer. If you don't want to see major plot spoilers, please don't continue.

Do the numbers on the map on the clue card correlate to specific curse related things or are they simply counting different markers you'll see along the way (island 1, island 2, hill with holes, stone columns, chasm, the idol)?

The clue card clearly shows you how to get to the Voracious Goddess. It shows you the importance of using the submarine. It also shows you a '?' symbol. And it has numbers on the card from 1-6.

At first, I thought they simply count different markers you see. So I follow along, and when I get to the '?' I found the grappling hook in the tree. This helped me get up the cliff without trouble, so I assumed that was what I was looking for.

So I get to the top of the cliff and find the temple and notice that it happens to sit on the '4' on the Clue card. hmmm... I continue north to follow the map. It looks like I need to travel a long way, and I even find the hidden number on card 264, but then card 214 says I can't go farther north or turn west. hmmm... perhaps I've missed something earlier because the map shows that I need to continue north.

Sowith no prompting except that it sits on the '4' on the clue card, I go explore the temple. Lo and behold, at the end of the temple is a curse related gem. So now, I assumed the other numbers on the map correlate to something curse related. I then spent 6 hours searching for curse related items at the '1', '2', '3' and the '5'.

  • I never found anything at the '1' or '2', but someone has since suggested it could be the gears needed to use the sub.

  • At the '3' I found the medicine man, who gives me a clue "fang x 32" and says something about far, far north.

  • By following this clue, I find the ice cave that sits on the '5' and lo and behold there's the other cursed gem.

Just in case I need it for the goddess, I then try to find the '6'. I search around and find a well right where the '6' is on the map. In the well is a key that opens the temple back on '4'

So I go to the voracious goddess and hear her clue, not understanding it at the time. But I'm able to climb the statue, put in the eyes and solve the curse. Yay!

But this answer still has me frustrated. If the numbers were designed to correspond as I think they should (3=medicine man, 4=temple, 5=ice cave, 6=well with key, ?=grappling hook), then

  • how do you open the path from 214 to 346 (I understand how to go from 346 to 214)

  • and what corresponds to 1 and 2?

But if the numbers weren't designed to correspond as I think they should, then

  • why do they line up so well with curse related items? Granted, 3 is a bit of a stretch, but '?", 4, 5, and 6 all correlate really well.

Note: Almost 16 hours after beating the curse, I now realize that the voracious goddess gives you the clue "walk this far, walk this far, etc" to reach both cursed gems. But my question is still eating at me, does anyone (especially on the SP team) have an answer to my query?