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I believe the rules say yes, but it costs 2 cards from the action deck to do this. - Oops - i meant items not actions/bonuses. It was 530 am, i need to wait to post until i have my coffee.
Journal entry:
We are on day 4 of our expedition back to the 7th continent. Only the two of us remain, myself; the able bodied chef, and the botanist. It takes all day to cut our way thru the jungle and snowy mountains for what would be 2 hours of walking time if we were back in civilization. We would have gotten farther if the lady were not attracted to every bush, animal, and mysterious pile of stones in the surrounding terrain. We have left our camp not far behind while we did some fishing to re-provision, we can see the gorge from the camp, the temple of the goddess calls to us, we have to be close, at most another day...

My wife and I are nearly through the first game (we have had the box for 2 weeks), we are playing on 'easy' to learn the mechanics together and would have died because of some tactical errors in how we did movement - the book isn't very clear on a few things but i have found the answers on the forums. We can't play as much as I would have liked - curse you Outlander... those books are a siren's call to my wife, and she has already read them all 3 times.

Next time we play without the idol.
BrassMonkey, that is exactly the same think i was thinking of doing.
I must say, well done on the whole presentation. Without the notepad i can fit everything in the box. If the box had been 1/2 inch taller i could have fit that in as well and closed the box fully.
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I have not seen this one on the forums, and I have not read thru them all yet; but my Player Aid cards read"liana" and not "Vine".