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Good morning,

I've gone onto my account with the Serous Poulp shop and tried to set up my first address. However the Country box has nothing in it no matter what I try on both the PC and on my phone.

Same for New Zealand/Australia, which in both cases it's the same url /au/ (likely being both the same region, of course)
A maximum of one single copy of each item per account would be nice.
This is great, my printer and I thank you. :-)

Here is my contribution in form of QA (from a dev to another dev). Small bugs noticed:
- Cancel button doesn't work, instead of closing the pop up it says "invalid number"
- Being asked to discard a card from my hand, I entered wrong number cause got confused when the pop asked which card to choose (had 4 action cards and one bonus and it asked me to choose a number between 1 and 5).
- After checking the statue the event card never went away.

Anyway, great work, thank you
Well, that explains a lot and makes sense. Thank you for that, Brisingre.
Lets hope they didn't just round for the nearest thousand but for a couple of extra thousands more.
littleusher a écrit :

they can't make it one by one, they would have to do pre order or something like that to order a huge quantity and be profitable

Yes, of course, each batch could be a couple of thousands of copies.

adamandkate a écrit :
And we all know they would sell all copies. So they should just place the order

Hi, there! Are there any plans to sell new copies in the online store? :-) (besides the remaining ones from KS, of course)
I've heard that the reason for the 7th continent not being sold at retail is due to the cost of production being so high that the only way to make a profit is to cut out the distributor and retailer. What about selling them here directly, then? The store will be already here and the manufacturer in China already knows how to do it, so why not ask for more batches? I guess it would make sense... otherwise, the online store will be lacking its rock star game pretty soon after it's open. (And for sure there will be a continues flow of interested buyers) :-)
Is there any estimation about the number of copies that will be sell vs the number of people already suscribed to the newsletter?