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Lovely cheers both, assumed so :). The description didn't mention stretch goals at all, and in fact specifically only said the item includes 2 curses. I thought it odd they wouldn't mention the stretch goals being included, especially as one is a whole other curse, but like you say assumed it must be in the box so was just omitted for whatever reason.
I bought the WGUMCD expansion box from the UK online shop earlier, and just wanted to check that it includes the Kickstarter stretch goals? I presume so but just wanted to check.
Good morning,

I've gone onto my account with the Serous Poulp shop and tried to set up my first address. However the Country box has nothing in it no matter what I try on both the PC and on my phone.

I presume the shop and shop account area are still a work in progress, hence this error? In any case please could it be looked into and the error corrected before the UK shop goes live.

Many thanks!