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I'm not entirely sure about this card that was in the random events in area 2. It has an either
turn the remains into food and take a 001 card

when hunting, add one success

So it's not an item because there is no dice marked on it and it's neither a blue or green card. Where does it go, if you wish to keep it as bait for hunting? And I presume that as long as you have the card, you can craft items which need
there are two types of :card_grey: cards:
- some are temporary (hourglass symbols), those are resolved immediately, go away, and are replaced by the terrain card that goes there.
- others (like "remains") are not temporary, when you flip them, they stay in there place on the board until you decide to resolve them.

while they are on the board they may provide
- resources (like the :resource_bone: in your case) to all adjacent terrains
- bonuses (like the :action_condition::action_hunt: in your case) for all actions of that type on adjacent terrains
- action(s) (usually to discard/banish the card itself); once the :card_grey: card is discarded/banished, it is replaced by the terrain that goes there (that's what the :exploration_into_adventure: means)
It never occurred to me that it would stay in play.Thanx
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