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This is located in one of the dungeons.

You are standing on card 368. You perform a look action, showing 293, and a key action, showing 380.

Card 380 you pull either the sun or the frost ring to ipen the door.

Either I misunderstood the riddle, or there is an error.

Card 293 says 'where the sun competes with frost, But the victor you should trust.

I think: In the morning the sun comes out and fights with the morning frost, eventually winning as the frost melts away. Therefore the sun is the victor, and should be trusted. Therefore I pull the ring with the image of the sun.

However, pulling the sun ring leads to false treasure, which injures you.
While pulling the frost ring leads to an artifact. Obviously the artifact is better.

So I assume either

1. The clue is used to misguide the player

2. I misunderstood the riddle ( in which case how should it be interpretted?)

3. There is an error on 380 and the cards drawn should be swapped

4. Perhaps a translation error in the riddle.

If you could help me understand that would be much appreciated.
You misunderstood the riddle.
The room description states that there are some monoliths in the room and wonders what their purpose is.

You need to count the numbers of blue and yellow monoliths in the room.
There are more blue monoliths, so frost is the victor.
Oh. Thanks for the help.

I think I must be getting lazy that far into the game :(
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game3 messages