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I've just
restored the camp and set Brumpy out to pasture.
Happy ending...or is it?

Here's the thing... Nothing in the cards had instructed me to banish
the Brumpy green card from my hand
...and I'm getting hungry.

What to do in this situation? Had I received instructions to banish Brumpy
after seeing himout to pasture
I wouldn't have this question. Themselves, it certainly does seen that this should be a happy ending to Brumpy's saga, but happy endings don't help me to restock my action deck.
When you use him to take a "horn" action, you banish him.
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I agree that it feels like that's the thematically consistent thing to do, but the game doesn't actually tell you to banish him.

Is this errata?

EDIT: OK, I just looked closely at all the involved cards.
Brumpy's card says essentially "if you use this or this card leaves your hand, banish this". Although the rules do not define what it means to "use" a non-inventory item, I think it makes sense to apply this rule and banish the goat.
That is the happiest ending I know about.

The wording of these cards is kind of a mess. The goat says to banish him if you use him, this is one of the only times you have to know that using a a banner counts as "using" a card. Then, to make matters worse, one of the two banner options explicitly says to banish the goat, and if you eat him you banish him as part of the consequence. So, the text that causes you to banish him if you use him only matters to that specific ending, it's redundant in both of the others. What a mess.
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