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I have moved by barge onto Card 778 (Green)
there is no attached exploration card on this card, but there is a mandatory action on the terrain, so I take it which then gives me two non-mandatory options on card 759:

So I take the action which involves me destroying the idol, which banishes my terrain card and replaces it with 778 (Gold) and I lay out an XII exploration card with its mandatory balance action. As I just completed a non-mandatory action I move the barge to the second part of the card. So now I'm on the second part of the card with the mandatory balance action on the exploration card, so I must take it. I pass and flip it and it is the 'Slumber' card. This is another mandatory action, the success of which instructs me to "Move the barge figure to the next section of the canal".

So here's the problem:

I can't move to the next section of the canal at this moment as I am already on the second section and there is no terrain card to move to yet, until I complete this mandatory action!

So do I a) complete the mandatory action, replace it with terrain, then immediately move to new terrain as the (now discarded) event told me to, or b) ignore the instruction as I couldn't complete it at the time it was in play, so I place the terrain and then I have another action available to me on my current terrain?

Phew! I think I have described that well enough!
By the rules you cannot advance because there is nothing to advance to.

By the spirit I would say that you advance to the next one because IRL you cannot say ho wait the next portion of the canal is not yet here :D'.
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Ok thanks! So you would say, advance as soon as the terrain card is laid down, even though the instruction to move there is no longer in play. I think that’s a good compromise!
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