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thank you very much for providing the base game rulebook, and especially,
a printer friendly version, as PDF files.

What are the plans of also providing two analogous PDFs for the "Additional rules"
from the "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" expansion?

I would be grateful for this service, as I like high-quality manuals.
I prefer to print them myself.

Side note:
I read a comment from somebody else when I first heard about The 7th Continent where
that person complained about the bad quality of the rulebook which was delivered.
I, humbly, do not share this person's point of view; this is how I see it:
Serious Poulp invested in the quality of the cards (which seem hard to do better yourself;
there even was the free reprint after production problems) and Serious Poulp also provides
a PDF of the manual which I can print out myself, if I prefer a glossy version (which seems
to be easier to aquire by myself compared to getting even better quality cards). Thank you
for dealing with this the way you did.
The "What Goes Up, Must Come Down" will be available after the KS2 shipping is done, I guess, in order not to spoil the surprise.

Side note: I really liked the non-glossy version of the original rulebook :angel:
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Equipment and After Sales3 messages