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Hello People,

I'm from Mexico; I really wanted to buy this game but the shipping cost make it impossible to me because its was $120 USD Dollars + the cost of the game.

My following question is.. when will this game will come out to the public like gloomhaven or blood rage?

Because in that case I would be available to buy it with a more reasonable shipping. Or this was the last chance for people to get the game? I saw some rummors that this was the last chance.. so I wanted to know whats the status after this kickstarte campaign.

Thanks for the support.
This is pretty much the last chance. There won't be a public release like Gloomhaven.

There might be a handful of leftover copies for sale from SP at some point but I imagine shipping rates would be the same. Otherwise there's always ebay.

You might be able to save a few bucks on shipping if you shipped it to a friend in the USA and had them reship to Mexico. But shipping to USA is pretty expensive too so maybe not.
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Thanks for the answer, I did the exercise as you said (shipping to a friend on USA and the shipping to Mexico) but the shipping cost was like $170 USD Dollars >.<.

Well I think that I lost the last chance to get the game directly from "seirous poulp" team.
if you want me to take over your pledge as i missed out of the kickstarter :/
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ 2nd Kickstarter Campaign4 messages