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I'm not sure how spoiler this will be but I will wrap the important bits anyway just in case.

Both of these cards were found during the Voracious Goddess curse.

Card #148

This card is the first clue you get when you arrive at the Voracious Goddess. It essentially says
One party travelled towards the sun [east] for 10 days, while another went east 2 days, north (4) days, then east 4 days.

The second party is easy to follow, and we did so and found the first gem.

The first party doesnt make as much sense.

The cavern to go down is 10 cards away. However, it is not ten cards east. It is 2 cards east, 3 cards north, 2 cars east and 3 cards south. (my number might be mixed as im doing this from memory)

I understand that the idea is that they traveled toward the rising sun as a general direction, however I dont think the text is the best it could be for the clue. If it stated they traveled for ten days then went underground, it would make more sense. However, I guess that this would make it confusing as to where they traveled and you'd need to check every card the is ten cards away.

I was wondering if anyone had the same situations and others thought on this.

Card #453

This can also be found during the Voracious Goddess. It is a situation in a cave when you come to a wheel stuck in ice

The card states: choose #385 if you turn towards the snake, and #433 if you turn towards the bat.

As the snake is on the left, turning the wheel towards the snake should rotate it anti-clockwise, and put the bat on top.
The opposite, as the bat is on the right, turning the wheel towards the bat should be clockwise, and the snake should be on top.

This is because you are turning the wheel towards an animal.

However, looking at the cards have it reversed.
Turning towards the snake puts the snake on top
Turning towards the bat put the bat on top.

I think this is the wrong way around, and think the wording should be changed to something else. But I dont know if my interpretation is the norm and wanted to see what everyone else thinks about these two cards.
Actually, we did get the 148 cards, but don't know what to do with the clue.
I did think it as directions, but not sure where, there seemed to be 2 directions, so which one to follow first? In the east side there's a cave entrance. But which one is the other direction?

And did you go to the cable cart?
We found that clue yesterday
I was wondering about the 10 days east too at first, but then realized that you cannot go 10 cards straight east from the VG - because there is a river blocking your way. The underground entrance is still directly to the east, but to physically reach it you need to use the bridge, and the shortest path through the bridge takes exactly ten cards.
We were satisfied with this explanation and happy we solved it.

But then to "save some time and energy" we decided to use magic (not going to spoil) instead of walking. I just say we overestimated us being able to properly utilize such a powerful item, but it was fun and we recovered eventually ...

We have just reached the cave and don't know about the wheel yet.
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