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Before i go resolving B0992, i'm trying to confirm whether the intent reflects what it actually says:

Eating action, no energy, zero successes: Discard all cards with the keyword elixir you have in hand. Take a 503 card. Banish this.

As written, "all cards..." can mean 0 cards. In my 50+ hours on the Continent, i don't recall ever having seen a card with the given keyword.

My assumption is that the card it asks me to take will say something like:

If you discarded 0 elixir cards, do X. If you discarded 1 elixir card, do Y. ...

no, it doesn't.

But before i go turn over that card, i'd like to know if the intent is that it's legal to use that card when a character has 0 of the thing it mentions.

(FWIW, i would like to wait before using it, but the per-character card limit for a 4-character game is downright punishing and i need to free up inventory space.)

Don't have my game at hand right now, but doesn't have the card
the keyword "elixir" itself
? If i remember correctly,
all cards with the keyword "elixir" i found had the "discard all cards with elixir" thing
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The card says to
discard all elixirs "you have in hand,"
but the card in question
can only ever be in your inventory, not in hand

Edit: just checked the card.
It does not have that keyword itself.
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