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I believe there is a way to "exploit" an advanced skill for a small benefit which I don't think is the intended use.

The card in question is "Aggressive".
It says, in general terms: If the action you're involved in is a success, and you used an item with the aggressiveness keyword for it, you may discard this to recover 4 (?) cards from the discard to the action deck.

The rules do not seem to forbid the use of totally unrelated items (i.e. bearing no relevant banner nor brown box) during actions, so technically speaking I could use my paddle/club/other aggressive item during a walk action (or any other 0-star action) to trigger this card.

I believe this is not an intended use of this card, and the rules should maybe be tightened to avoid this bug, even though it's pretty minor, I guess.
We decided to add a house rule against it, anyway. :)
There is a difference between activate a item (-1 durability) and use it (an effect from this item is applied).
In your case, you activated your paddle/club without using it on the walk action. So, no "exploit" in my point of view. :-)
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But the rules do not use those terms, and instead say "use" for your activate, and "apply the effects" for your use.
For example, the first step on resolving an action says:
Each player involved in the action may use one or more items from their inventory,
by removing 1 pip from the value of the die resting on each used item (no matter how
many Item cards the item consists of). If that value reaches zero, the die is removed.
For each item used this way, the player will be able to apply – at most once during the
action – some or all of the effects of one or more Item cards it consists of, provided
a :action_condition: icon associated with the effect matches the :action_empty: current action.

While I agree that your usage of the keywords would prevent the exploit, it's not what is used in the rulebook.
They say use an item. The item is the stack.

Since the item has been used in the former phase, you can, anytime during the action, use some or all of the effects of one or more ITEM CARDS.

Only those have a keyword. So for a walk action you cannot use a club item Card and so you haven't use an aggressive card :).
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Card effect4 posts