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We picked up card 439 (#A0814) and were instructed to pick up card 172 (if available). The card is not anywhere in our set (standard base set on SP site). Are we missing something?
I think you probably are.

172 is "You find a local, handcrafted item."

There are three 172 cards in the black box, and more added in expansions.

I admit I'm not totally sure what's in Classic though. Maybe those three were among the cards cut from the black box.
We have searched our box thoroughly and there is no 172 cards. So you may be right about classic vs black box.

In doing some research, I see the card list pdf and notice 172 is not listed amongst those in the classic edition.

I will see if I can find out a complete list of all cards in all expansions to see where it comes in.

I have a rule clarification. In this instance, do we still put all the cards from the past back into adventure deck?
Technically yes I guess? But you don't have to. It doesn't make any real difference.
Actually, as the card clearly state "if avaliable", you don't have to return all the past back to the adventure deck.

rulebook wrote:
If no card with that number is available:
The active player must immediately return ALL the Adventure cards in the Past
to their place in the Adventure Deck and shuffle all the Exploration cards in the
Past back into the Exploration Deck. They then take the newly available card as
explained above.

Note : if a card effect reads “Take a XXX card from the
Adventure Deck if available” and that card is not available
in the Adventure Deck, nothing happens and you do not
return the cards in the Past to the Adventure Deck.

That happend mostly on object :icon_d6: cards, as they can go to your inventory, so in that case they're neither in the past mor the adventure deck.

Hope it helped :D'
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game5 posts