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Spoiler free version:
This is a VI exploration card that's a permanent event, and the failure consequence is just flavor text, but from context, I think it should say to discard the card.

Spoiler version:
The event is
, and the
action is
0+/1 to try to start a fire with materials found nearby
. If you fail, the flavor text says
"Unfortunately, the objects are far too damp to burn,"
and there are no mechanical consequences, but the flavor text does not describe a situation where it makes sense to be able to immediately try again because
the materials would still be damp. Waiting for them to dry is slow enough that it should require a save.
I think it's just
the materials you gathered that are to damp, but you may es well look for other stuff
Actually, the rules clearly states that a permanent event stays in play.
(image of the rules)

And keep in mind that you can do any action that are:
*On the terrain you are in
* Permanent event associated with said terain
* your hand or inventory (applying dice reduction if needed)

so, there is actually no need to say "you can immediatly perform this action again", because the event card is not discarded after your failure.

Is rp words, as unisus said
the materails you gathered are too damp, but nothing forbid you to search for less damp ones :D'

Hope this answers your question, not too late, and good luck for breaking your curse(s) !
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game3 posts