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Hello everyone!

I've already posted this in the french forum but as what I'm sharing is in english as well, here I am! So a few months ago I started to create a logbook for the game so I could keep track of how many hours I've played, how many games I've completed or failed and which games are still in progress. And then I thought that it might interest other people as well... :-)

I've based everything on the SaturnNitrik's multi saves Google Sheet (which if you never heard of you should check out right now here!). So if you're interested you can just make a copy to use for yourself after following this link

Of course I'm eager to get some feedbacks :D'

By the way thanks a lot to SaturnNitrik for the multi saving system which I'm using frequently and the template that I stole a bit... :whistling: (I've never thanked you before so now I do it twice :angel:)
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ General1 post