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Greetings fellow adventurers.
New to The 7th Continent. Just bought the Classic box from the website.
Does the "Replacement cards for the 7th Continent "Second Edition" Base Game" white box help me?
Will that get me all the KS cards?
In short: yes.

"Replacement cards for the 7th Continent "Second Edition" Base Game" is all the cards from the kickstarter black box, including the hundred or so that aren't in Classic.

The bulk of the content in the black box and not classic is 2 (very strong) characters and 1 (decent) curse. There's also the
card, which is required to complete one of the
white box
curses, and a bunch of nice but fairly unimportant details, some fog cards and stuff I think?

There were a few things in the black box that aren't in either classic or the replacement cards:
-minis (and standees for the 2 new characters)
-an adorable little magnifying glass the size and shape of a card (with no specific in-game function)
-the discard pile holder (This is the only piece with game rules you'll be missing.)
-a larger box with a third card tray (needed if you get many expansions; if you sleeve everything still not quite enough space)

So if you go the route of getting a replacement card set:
-You barely even need a copy of Classic, all you're using it for is a rulebook, dividers, dice, an incomplete set of standees, and (optimistically) the box and card trays.
-You'll have to improvise standees for Lovecraft and Frankenstein, probably just use another character's piece or print something out, no big deal.
-You'll likely outgrow the Classic box and trays have to figure out a storage solution. Maybe not right away, but if you start hunting down expansions, it will happen.
-You might want to print out the discard pile holder ability. (No need to make an actual holder, it isn't really any more convenient than an ordinary discard pile. I use mine for Banished cards since that pile gets big and there's rarely any need to look through it.)

Getting the replacement cards probably adds less than getting an expansion would but I do think it's worth it.
That was extremely helpful.
Thank you
No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Forums/ The 7th Continent/ 2nd Kickstarter Campaign5 posts