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I would like to talk candidly about the voracious goddess and get an answer. If you don't want to see major plot spoilers, please don't continue.

Do the numbers on the map on the clue card correlate to specific curse related things or are they simply counting different markers you'll see along the way (island 1, island 2, hill with holes, stone columns, chasm, the idol)?

The clue card clearly shows you how to get to the Voracious Goddess. It shows you the importance of using the submarine. It also shows you a '?' symbol. And it has numbers on the card from 1-6.

At first, I thought they simply count different markers you see. So I follow along, and when I get to the '?' I found the grappling hook in the tree. This helped me get up the cliff without trouble, so I assumed that was what I was looking for.

So I get to the top of the cliff and find the temple and notice that it happens to sit on the '4' on the Clue card. hmmm... I continue north to follow the map. It looks like I need to travel a long way, and I even find the hidden number on card 264, but then card 214 says I can't go farther north or turn west. hmmm... perhaps I've missed something earlier because the map shows that I need to continue north.

Sowith no prompting except that it sits on the '4' on the clue card, I go explore the temple. Lo and behold, at the end of the temple is a curse related gem. So now, I assumed the other numbers on the map correlate to something curse related. I then spent 6 hours searching for curse related items at the '1', '2', '3' and the '5'.

  • I never found anything at the '1' or '2', but someone has since suggested it could be the gears needed to use the sub.

  • At the '3' I found the medicine man, who gives me a clue "fang x 32" and says something about far, far north.

  • By following this clue, I find the ice cave that sits on the '5' and lo and behold there's the other cursed gem.

Just in case I need it for the goddess, I then try to find the '6'. I search around and find a well right where the '6' is on the map. In the well is a key that opens the temple back on '4'

So I go to the voracious goddess and hear her clue, not understanding it at the time. But I'm able to climb the statue, put in the eyes and solve the curse. Yay!

But this answer still has me frustrated. If the numbers were designed to correspond as I think they should (3=medicine man, 4=temple, 5=ice cave, 6=well with key, ?=grappling hook), then

  • how do you open the path from 214 to 346 (I understand how to go from 346 to 214)

  • and what corresponds to 1 and 2?

But if the numbers weren't designed to correspond as I think they should, then

  • why do they line up so well with curse related items? Granted, 3 is a bit of a stretch, but '?", 4, 5, and 6 all correlate really well.

Note: Almost 16 hours after beating the curse, I now realize that the voracious goddess gives you the clue "walk this far, walk this far, etc" to reach both cursed gems. But my question is still eating at me, does anyone (especially on the SP team) have an answer to my query?
Did you ever figure out what to do with the clue you found at #3? I didn't and am still curious what to do with it.

I can't find the #5 clue anywhere.

#6?? Lol- nope.

I feel like I got a completely different set of cards than others have because I'm not finding the same things other people are. I think I am playing this all wrongs, have died 3x (playing solo) and have considered selling this whole thing-- so far a big let down. Too frustrating and taking the fun out of it so far.

About your final query :
jpolitis wrote:
If the numbers were designed to correspond as I think they should (3=medicine man, 4=temple, 5=ice cave, 6=well with key, ?=grappling hook), then
  • How do you open the path from 214 to 346 (I understand how to go from 346 to 214)[
  • And what corresponds to 1 and 2?

I can't check the game now, but it seems to be the cards between the mountain and the jungle.
It is a one-way path, a shortcut to leave the montain and go back easier to jungle (for hunting/fishing after a difficult exploration session).
So, there's no solution to find a path in the other way (you must have the long walk you know).

1 and 2 are just basic clues to help to find the way. Nothing more. But it's important to start the exploration.
3 : I'm no sure that is for the medecine man because you don't need his "enigma" nor the secret path in the montain to finish the curse. Instead, n°3 should be just the beach with your first hunting spot, maybe.
4,5,6 and "?" : I agree with you. Maybe 6 is the village with the dog, but it's not very important.
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[SPOILER REQUEST] '4 On The Voracious Goddess Clue Card

My wife and I have been stuck on this curse for far to long. we have looked in the temple located at the '4 mark, and traveled everywhere we could in there. We turned the bat/snake wheel, we did the sun/moon puzzle, but we did not find the cursed gem in there. Where is it at? We already have the other cursed gem, we have just been wandering all over the continent now looking for this other one, and couldn't find it in the temple.
jesperjones4 wrote:
[SPOILER REQUEST] '4 On The Voracious Goddess Clue Card

Hi. Welcome to this forum!
The 2nd gem is in the room behind the sun/moon door, in a chest.
If you choose the bad symbol I think the chest is empty. The good symbol is
moon because there are more ice blocks than fire ones
Even if you don't have the key of the chest, you can open it.

I hope that will help you. :-)
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There's a
key to the chest
? No wonder I
could never find a way to avoid setting off the trap on the chest
. Can you give me a hint on where to find it please?
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luiginumber1 wrote:
Can you give me a hint on where to find it please?

No, I can't because I didn't find it. :'(;-)
But I read on the french forum that this
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has to be the most frustrating item to find in the whole continent.
To find it
you have to fish on a gold card
find and choose the result card "glint"
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