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Trying to figure out...

I reached a terrain card (in a barge) and area 12 Exploration card is attached to it. The latter card has a compulsory action on the back. Do I perform it straight away or can I wait until barge moves off the Terrain card I'm on and reaches the place where another Terrain card should be?

When is the correct timing to do this compulsory exploration action?
You perform :action_mandatory: on or attached to terrain cards as soon as you move onto the card. (I can only think of one other than this but they do exist.)

The first thing you do upon moving the barge to a new terrain card is flip the fog attached to it. So at any given time, there will be one terrain card revealed beyond the one your barge is on, attached to an unflipped fog 2 spaces away.
Replace "Permanent event card" with "Exploration card" in 1 .the "Important" white box in Additional rules, p3, and 2.
on the quest item Tribal barge, card number
. This should go into the errata IMO.

It is not wrong to include "Permanent event card" in these places, it's just that it is obviously true by the rules pre-WhatGoesUp, since permanent event cards are revealed as a consequence of an action. What's new with WhatGoesUp is that a mandatory action is triggered when figures are on, or moving onto, the terrain card associated with the mandatory action (whether the action is on the terrain card itself, or on one of the attached exploration cards).
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:action_mandatory: triggering when you move onto the terrain card they are on (or attached to) is not new to WGUMCD.

There's one on a terrain card in the sandbar area in the black box.

Face-down fog cards (and face-up ones that stick around) are permanent event cards. Anything with those big gold arrows is.
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