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Found it on the card K1474
Area III Exploration card from WGUMCD
, but if this is not an error, the question is general how to interpret this.
There is an action on the card that have cost
dependent on involved character state
The success require
0 stars in either case
, but there is black field available with failure consequence.
How one can fail an action with
0 stars needed
(excluding the case when
action deck is empty and draft reveals a curse card

There are some conditions for a character to take the action, but the action is not
mandatory action
so being unable to take the action does not mean action failure.
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It is possible to increase the difficulty of a check through other means. The rules for co-operating on a check with multiple characters, for example, has a provision where you may reduce the cost in cards of any check by increasing the number of required successes, one for one. Also, many terrain cards have modifiers which increase check difficulty. I think I have seen the card you are talking about and I agree that it is slightly strange, but there are certainly means to fail that check.
Also roots can make any check which draws cards failable
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Forums/ The 7th Continent/ Errors on the game3 posts